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10 Must Have Accessories If You Are A Real Fashionista

Every girl needs a good collection of accessories. Handbags, shoes, hats, scarves and jewellery…they can all completely transform the look of an outfit in seconds and add interest to what would otherwise be a plain looking outfit. Accessories also give you the chance to show your personality and add your own sense of style. If you have a good collection of accessories, you can grab an old outfit you haven’t worn for a while and give it a whole new lease of life. Whether you are looking for something that will add to the little black dress, or an accessory that will make jeans and T-shirt your own, here are ten must-have accessories that all fashionistas should own.

1. Statement necklacestatement-necklace

Every girl needs at least one statement necklace to bring some drama to an outfit. This is one of those accessories that can be the centrepiece of any outfit and a great way to stamp your own personality on a look. A good statement necklace will get plenty of use too, because it will work as well with a plain outfit, as it will with a more elaborate one.

2. A huge collection of braceletsIMG_7409-1024x1024

Why settle for one bracelet when you can play with them and make your own unique look every time? If you haven’t already got a drawer full of bracelets, start collecting today! With a little bit of mixing and matching, if you have a decent collection of bracelets, you can stack them with just the right combination of colours to accentuate any outfit.

3. A Gold watchLatest-Fashion-New-Variety-Gold-Watch-Bracelet-Designs-2015-5

A good gold watch isn’t cheap, but if you choose a classic style, it will last forever and never be out of fashion. There is a huge range of shapes and sizes to choose from, so you will easily find one that will always look great on your arm. It will set off a formal outfit perfectly, and it will also add glamour to casual looks.

4. Printed scarves5c3f1f8fcfd262bd6bfa928061d472eb

A scarf is a great way to add colour and interest to an outfit, and there are so many wonderful printed patterns to choose from. They don’t even have to be very colourful or overly elaborate to make an impact. A simple black and white scarf, or a polka dot design, can look really effective.

5. Oversized handbagFree-Shipping-Travel-Fashion-Girls-Big-PU-Vintage-Casual-Leather-bags-Shoulder-Women-s-Big-Capacity

A clutch bag is fine for the evenings, but you need more than that to carry all you need during the day. An oversized handbag is a must for the modern girl and they look so stylish too. They also have the amazing effect of making your wrist and your waist look smaller, so what’s not to love about an oversized handbag!

6. Ballet flatsSydne-Style-A-to-Z-Trend-Guide-Kids-little-girl-fashion-how-to-dress-your-child-in-style-beanies-turtleneck-feather-skirt-ballet-flats-winter-outfit-inspiration-army-jacket-stripes

When you need a break from heels, ballet flats are the obvious choice. Black goes with anything but brightly coloured ballet flats are also very good for adding a pop of colour to a plain outfit. Either way, ballet flats are so comfortable, so make sure that you have at least one pair in your wardrobe.

7. Simple stud earrings1337926696850672

It’s amazing how something so tiny can look so cool, but it’s true, a simple pair of studs can sometimes be all you need to finish off an outfit to perfection. A straightforward diamond, or crystal, stud looks stylish and elegant, or for a bit more panache, a flower stud will go great with a summary, colourful outfit. Understated, but elegant; that’s why studs get a mention in this list.

8. A black wrap876563134_497

Why hide your beautiful new cocktail dress under a big heavy coat? There’s no need to when you have the must-have black wrap in your wardrobe. It will keep you warm on a chilly evening and look stylish at the same time. Keep it black, and then it will go with any cocktail dress you might wear.

9. Fedora hatStraw-Fedora-Hats-for-Women

This is one cool style item that will never go away. Even if you never wear any other kind of hat, you’ve got to try wearing a fedora some time. It’s seriously trendy and a real head turner, so don’t be shy; add a fedora hat to your accessories collection and give it a go.

10. A pair of black pumpsfashion-2014-08-camille-black-pumps-main (1)

Our final must-have accessories for any fashionista is the old faithful; a pair of black, high heeled pumps. You just can’t go wrong with closed toe, black pumps. They work as well with a cocktail dress as they do with a pair of jeans. Everyone needs the LBD of footwear on their closet.

What are your favorite fashion accessories?

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