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10 Types Of Men Every Woman Needs In Her Life

Always wondered why some guys always manage to get the best of girls? Well, the secret is not good looks or a well-defined six pack, but the fact that women simply get attracted to certain personality traits and flock to men who possess them. Dating different types of men not only makes you grateful when you finally find that smoking hot prince charming, it also ensures that you’ll never feel like you’ve missed out on anything in the boy department. Remember, it’s better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do.

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Some girls’ bucket lists may be longer than others, but here are 10 types of guys that should 100% be on your list of conquests:

1. The Intelligent One

He instigates conversations that are intellectually stimulating, and listens to what she has to say in response. This man makes her laugh with his clever sense of humour, and has an uncanny ability to make politics interesting. He can shoot the breeze with her for hours, and it will never get boring. An intellectual connection is a big part of what sustains a relationship, and if you can show her that you’ve got that, she’ll be hooked pretty quickly.

2. Nice Romantic Guy

He’ll show up with flowers, leave cards around your apartment and quote Keats on a whim. Think old-fashioned courtship where you’re being wooed instead of sitting by the phone wondering if he’ll call. After realizing that there are guys out there who understand the importance of a random note or kiss in the moonlight, you’ll be less likely to stay with someone who degrades or ignores you in the future. Most of the time, these guys are in love with the idea of love. This means they will come on strong but lose momentum in the long haul as the reality of a relationship sets in, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date him and enjoy the experience. Just keep a level head while he floats around you.

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3. The Oh-So-Sweet Sensitive Soul

Nice guys often finish last, so treat yourself to a sensitive soul at some point, especially if it’s not normally your thing. He may like writing poems about your freckles and crying during the RSPCA ads, but he will remind you that you DO deserve to be treated like a total princess. Actually let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be idolised?

4. The Fully Tatted Biker

Would your mother be breathing into a paper bag if you brought home a dude with full sleeve tats and a facial piercing? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow yourself to take a little walk on the wild side and see what it really feels like to snog a man with a tongue ring. They may not be a good date to your nan’s birthday party, but at least you’ll never be wondering “what if?” when you’re riding shotgun in your Ford Fiesta with your loafers-wearing-husband and you see a hot group of bikers speed by you on the highway.

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5. Sexy Older Guy

He’s old enough to have settled into his skin and has been involved with enough women to know that you require much more than dinner and a few martinis to get into the mood. Best of all, he never makes you late for dinner because he’s playing Xbox.

6. The Younger Guy

If I had to bet, I would say that cougars are probably pretty satisfied ladies. Younger men are probably intimidated by your age and experience, which means they will worktwice as hard to keep you happy and satisfied. Also, they tend to be in way better shape than your friends that never lost their fresher weight gain and still consider Pot Noodles to be one of the food groups. Ain’t no shame in having a fling with a younger man, go find your fountain of youth.

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7. The Super Rich Dude with Fine Personality

These are the kinds of men who climb the corporate ladder so much faster than their peers. You rarely ever see them not sporting an expensive suit or a Rolex. They drive the fanciest cars, and they have the most elegant apartments and townhouses. These men are ambitious, goal-oriented, driven, and hardworking people. They want the best things that life can offer them and they understand the value of dedication and commitment. While they may come off as materialistic, their women know that money isn’t everything to them. Their material possessions are only manifestations of their work ethic and their zeal for success.

8. Fun Social Guy

Whether he’s out with friends or meeting the family for brunch, one thing’s for certain: He’s going to be the life of the party.There is something very attractive about a man who’s always ready to have a good time. You’ll laugh a lot and learn how to go with the flow and let things slide. These types are often quite spontaneous, which means you should be ready for anything from a quickie to a quick dash to Vegas. Most people are social because they like the company of others, but Fun Social Guys are social because they love to be the center of attention — and they love the excitement of something new.

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9. The Macho Gentleman

This is truly the man’s man. He’s the kind of guy who wakes up in the morning to hit the gym and lift heavy weights, but then he’s dressed in a fancy polo shirt and khakis by lunch. He’s very gentlemanly and classy but he still manages to carry an air of ruggedness and masculinity. He seems like the guy you can grab a beer with on the weekends and go on long fishing trips with. He also seems like the guy who would be a great with kids.

10. The Exotic Element

He comes from a faraway exotic country, and has a cute accent or a unique way of seeing the world. His social customs, and everyday behaviour can be a little quirky, but he always manages to come off as uniquely charming. Women often choose this kind of guy if they are curious about the world, but most of the appeal comes down to a fascination with dating someone from another culture.

Ladies, do you agree with this? Let me know in the comments below!

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