11 Sensible Reasons to have an Arranged Marriage

You have spent too much time waiting for Mr Right to come by and sweep you off your feet! Time is ticking away and all you wish to do is settle down and start a new chapter in life. So after giving in to your parents’ demands, you finally decide to opt for an arranged marriage. In a country like India, where this kind of marriage is more like a norm by societal standards, it is not surprising to see today’s men and women giving it a shot.

Whether you have already found your life partner or searching for one through arranged marriage, remember that every relationship has its own beauty and charm. Well, just because you or your best friend is finding their better half through an arranged setup, it doesn’t mean that it is a regressive or an old idea. It is a journey towards meeting someone and seeing your partner for life in them. So, take a look at some advantages of going for an arranged marriage.

#1 Your family support..

arrange marriage

So you don’t have to worry about settling him in and making sure he’s comfortable with them. Everyone else in your family will do that for you. And take it from us, it’s a great load off your shoulders.

For most people in India, marriage is like a family affair. And in a negotiated marriage, family support is a given. Compatibility of social status, family beliefs et al happen here allowing both the parties to come together for a lifetime.

#2 Your family prompts you to go on dates. Imagine that!

And they give happily give you permission (unlike ever before) to stay out late. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being caught with a boy by some door ke rishtedaar.

#3 Love blooms.

You may not fall madly in love, but you can be ready to love a life that’s comfortable, stable and enduring. There’s something endearing about a love that lasts. I’ve noticed the longer arranged marriage couples are married, the stronger their love and affection for each other tends to be.

Also, it is likely this relationship is the first real relationship both parties have had.

#4 You don’t have to impress each other

Couples in an arranged marriage setup actually lay out all their cards on the table, and most of them do so in the first meeting itself. And even though it may sound surprising, it actually brings in a higher level of understanding, acceptance and respect in their relationship.

#5 Mutual respect

Parental prestige and pride, makes every arranged marriage couple behave in a respectable and responsible way. They will never conduct themselves or their relationship in a way, which will put their families or familial relations in jeopardy. This ensures that both the partners will move equally towards making their marriage and relationship work. Plus both the partners bring equal level of understanding and respect in their relationship.

#6 Financial security

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Unlike a love marriage where financial security of the groom is not always a priority, in an arranged marriage, it is imperative that the bride’s family ensure that their would-be son-in-law is career-oriented and has a steady flow of income. A woman’s primary concern is financial security of the guy she marries which is rightly justified in this situation.

#7 Higher level of adjustment

High level of understanding and higher adjusting abilities help in making ends meet and also filling the loopholes of marriage. This increases compatibility and makes both the partners understand the importance of compromise and adjustment. Plus, every couple knows that their relationship has a direct effect on their family’s bond as well. That is why, a couple in an arranged marriage would work twice as hard to keep their relationship stable than look for a way out.

#8 Mystery element

Since an arranged marriage is negotiated by the parents, love happens in due course of time. And because the two people involved are more or less strangers to each other, it leaves them with an element of mystery. Each day is a surprise wherein the couple learn about the nitty gritty of the relationship and also take an effort to nurture it.

#9 In fact, your in-laws go out of their way to make you feel at home.

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Since your in-laws kinda chose you for their son, they will pamper you with much love and attention, if only to prove that their choice was right. You can now go ahead and clear your memory of images of vengeful MILs busy plotting against their bahus. That kind of stuff probably happens only in Hindi TV serials.

#10 And your honeymoon is a different experience altogether

‘Coz it isn’t just your first trip as a couple together, but also the first trip when you are alone, away from your families and, um, can have fun. (If you know what we mean!)

#11 Strong sense of commitment

Arranged marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding rather than ‘love at first sight’. In an arranged marriage, commitment is what brings the two people together and love gradually blossoms. So, commitment is the strongest advantage for those who are going for an arranged marriage.

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