5 Proven Ways to Impress a Girl

As a species, females remain as mysterious as the outer realms of the Solar System

but here are some tips to help you impress a girl:Love Couples fjkds life and lesson

1. Be Your Natural, Confident Self

This might seem a bit passive but you have to approach impressing a girl in a manner that isn’t revealing at all. Most women like the idea of being chased by men but realize that you are still an unknown entity to her and if you come on to her very strongly, she might push you back just for the sake of her safety. Further, if it is clearly visible that you are striving to impress her, she might interpret you as some sort of a player, for whom impressing girls is a regular affair. That is akin to neutralizing any sort of mystique or charm she would associate with you. Lastly, trying to be something you aren’t is the biggest mistake you could commit. The aura of confidence that stems from honesty is unparalleled. Just remember one thing—you might impress her once or twice with a false projection but the truth will surface eventually and you will be short of excuses to cover yourself.

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2. Be Suggestive Not Loud In Your Approach

Don’t try to be loud, as if you are screaming for attention. There might be some girls who like attention-grabbing men but overall, being able to magnetize attention towards yourself without seeming that you are trying too hard is best approach. Thus, when you are talking on the phone, be soft spoken but hold your phone is such a manner that its brand worthiness is clearly visible. Similarly, you might be driving a premium car but rather than shouting about it over the phone, let the branded keychain hang and announce itself in a subtle manner. This could be important part for impress a girl.

3. Use Your Eyes Like Tools

Romantic-Movie-Tere-Naal-life and lessonMore than your entire demeanor, your eyes can engage a girl in a more efficient manner. Just be careful with your eye language. If she happens to look in your direction and you catch her gaze, don’t stare so hard that she feels vulnerable. If you want to look at her, don’t be brazen in your approach. Merely glance at her every now and then; making it seem as if she has caught your attention but you haven’t fallen for her yet and you are not some desperado. Try to shift your gaze to something that is more innocent than her cleavage, like her pretty feet or the

anklet she is wearing. Girls often get impressed when men behave in a slightly coy manner and besides the obvious. Observing the lesser noticed parts of her is going to induce the feeling that you are slightly different from the crowd and think beyond the obvious perspective of sexuality. This is how u could impress a girl.

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4. Be Prepared to Impress a Girl

Don’t try to wear an ensemble that makes you look like a branded male mannequin on the move. Dress simple but yes impressively as you have to impress a girl. Grooming includes everything from the manner in which you trim your beard or shave, frame of your spectacles, belt, shoes, watch and your posture. Yes, posture or the manner in which your carry yourself should ooze comfort which in turn gravitates towards inhepics of Love Couple Lying life and lessonrent confidence. Wear clothes that you can carry with ease. Try to focus upon the simpler things like wearing trousers or jeans that aren’t so tight that they make you uneasy.

5. Hold Your Own In Your Conversations

If you do get the opportunity to talk with her or around her, try not to compliment her too much or show desperation to be introduced to her. Try to keep the conversation about your opinions and things that could impress her like your
hobbies or things you have passion for. Being slightly self-opinionated and passionate usually impresse a girl.

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