6 Proven Ways To Get Women To Fancy You At First Sight

Impressing a girl is serious business (and tricky too!), I tell you. Before I turn around Bollywood style to face that damsel approaching, I get less than 5 seconds to turn on my chick-radar and act accordingly. But if you have got those 5 seconds sorted in your head, even Ranveer Singh would get a hint that he has competition in wooing women. Talking of love at first sight, I am not a fan really. But making that first impression is critical. Hence, we have come up with the six proven ways to work things to your advantage and catch her eye before she blinks.


#1. The George Clooney Smile

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If there’s one weapon that kills without bullets, it’s a smile, and that too a slow one, Studies show that smiling makes you more attractive when you’re looking directly at someone.  A fake one wouldn’t work though. So if you are still thinking about how to get back your ex-gf while trying to fake that smile in front of your prospective gf, you’ve lost the deal. A soft, unpretentious smile will melt her heart just the right way. Note: It also involves dental hygiene, FYI!

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#2. The Johnny Depp Attitude

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We all know that a lot goes on inside (palpitation, testosterone rush, et al), but it’s mandatory to keep calm and ooze out that confidence. That does not mean you act way too humble, as that is a sign of low confidence. Right move and genuine stress-free attitude will take you a long way. And show some kindness towards animals—women fall for men who are compassionate towards animals.

Note: You need not turn a vegan, by the way!

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#3. The Amitabh Bachchan Factor

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Charm and swagger aside, you might have a tough time if you are shorter than the average height. Women have a thing for tall men; hence, the ‘tall-dark-handsome’ adage. Or make sure you earn in 7 digits if you are as “tall” as Aamir Khan. Sounds pathetic, but truth always hurts.

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Note: There are invisible heels too, bro!

#4. The Amrish Puri Baritone

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Amrish Puri might have been the biggest bad-ass villain ever, but think about his baritone, guys! Keep your voice deep and dominant (and we don’t mean scary). The way men find coquettish, feminine voices sexy, women find men with a deeper voice more attractive.

Note: If you are blessed with a squeaky voice, try the wake-up-and-meet-her-straight move. You might sound groggy, but that’s all we can offer.

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#5. The Abhay Deol Stubble

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Any one who said clean shaven guys made the biggest impression needs to rethink. Studies have proven time and again that facial hair makes a guy much more attractive. Stubble not only makes you smarter and more sociable, it also ups your confidence. And you know what confidence does to you, don’t you?

Note: Try the full beard this month. It’s Movember, guys!

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#6. The Salman Khan Tactic

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Remember how Salman Khan always had Govinda by his side in ‘Partner’? Okay, we are not being mean here, merely stating facts—bringing along a friend who is slightly less attractive than you works. Best thing: you don’t need to change a thing about yourself.

Note: Just don’t tell him why you’re bringing him along in order to not lose the friendship.

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