6 Ridiculous Things Women Are Allowed To Do In Relationships But Men Aren’t

That we have a long way to go to make this country a safe and respectful place for women is a known fact. So we thought it is only fair to talk about sexism against men in the country and of course, there was a lot that needed to be said. Read on as we discuss the 6 things that are totally unacceptable for men to do but women get away with easily.

1. Gender stereotypes are much deeper rooted than we think. And no, women are not the only ones who are subjected to it; men don’t have it easy either. But sadly, it isn’t ‘gender stereotyping’ unless it is happening to a woman.

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It is totally acceptable for a woman to assume that her man would drive her around, will take the lead, protect her from the world, bring home all the money, be the stronger one because apparently, that’s what being a man is all about. But even if you so much as comment on a girl’s bad driving skills or assume that she may know how to cook, it will be taken as a sexist remark. Girls can totally get away with gender stereotyping while guys are sometimes slayed for the most harmless comments.

2. Violence is wrong, but that’s not how simply we’re taught that lesson. All our childhoods, we’re taught that it is wrong to hit ‘girls’, not because they’re innocent but because they’re ‘girls’. And that has resulted in this generation growing up to believe that violence is a crime only when it is used against women.

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One case of domestic violence against women is enough for the nation to stand up in protest. And even though that’s an incredible progress we’ve made by at least fighting for women’s rights, it is disappointing to see how violence against men isn’t even considered an issue! Nobody bats an eyelid if a girl hits a guy in an argument, sometimes even publicly; but everybody loses their mind when the girl is subjected to the same treatment.

3. While we talk about how oppressed women are in this country, there are more ways than one some women use patriarchy for their benefit, convenience rather.

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Let’s face it: women at least have the leverage of being financially dependent on their partners. Even if they wish to work, their earnings are always theirs in contrast to men, who are assumed to be the fenders. A man is always supposed to earn enough to sustain the whole family, while the woman’s salary is for own expenses. A man cannot do without a stable income but a woman always has the choice.

4. We talk of breaking gender stereotypes but forget that the idea is welcomed only for women. A woman breaking a gender stereotype is always celebrated. But when it comes to men, the same section of women proves how unaccpeting this world can be.

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A girl who wants to live life on her own terms make it big in the big, bad, corporate world, break free of all societal norms that tell her what a woman must be like is empowering, of course. But the moment a man defies conventions, his masculinity is put to question. Think about it – how many women, no matter how ‘modern’ they may think they may be, agree to settle down with a guy who wants to be a house husband and depend on his partner for his finances?

5. It is ridiculous how the same women who complain of being objectified objectify men in more ways than one!

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Yes, we live in a society that judges women on their appearance and their ability to cook three meals a day but it is the same one that also reduces a man to a price tag based on his earnings. A man’s worth is judged by his salary package, the company he works for and the property he owns.

6. It is assumed that a man would pay the bill, open the door and pull the chair for the girl. Why? Because we’re men and men are supposed to be chivalrous.

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Yes, we talk about equal rights for women and still believe in these century old beliefs that a man is supposed to treat his ‘lady’ like a ‘delicate flower’. Yes, she deserves that seat in the metro more than you, because she’s a woman and women need more attention and care than men. And what’s even more ridiculous is how you’re perceived as uncouth and impolite if you refuse to abide by these so called rules of chivalry.


We’re sure you have a lot to say on this too. So go on, pen down your thoughts in the comments box below.

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