7 Chic Ways to Style Short Hair

For the two-plus decades that I sported long hair, I always assumed that length made my mane more versatile. I’ve only needed two weeks with my freshly chopped bob to understand that exactly the opposite is true. In addition to having far more styling options than I could have anticipated, the major difference is that it also requires so much less effort. Gone are my unwieldy, dry strands, which took such a significant amount of time and effort to tame that I usually just relied on a messy bun or ponytail to get me through the work week. As a result, there were many days when I didn’t really feel like I was presenting my best self.

But now I know that it really is about quality over quantity. True, I have much less hair to work with, but it’s manageable and healthy, so I want to work with it. I have the resolve, so now I just need the inspiration. This list of short styles—one for every day of the week—ought to do it.

Sunday: Au Naturel1

What’s easy like Sunday morning? Letting your strands do their own thing. Hair is easier to style when it’s a little lived in, so use this day off to wash yours and air dry. You’ll put in (a little) more effort for the office tomorrow.

Still, there are a few quick steps to ensuring you make the most of your own natural texture, sans frizz. For starters, make sure you’re using a microfiber towel to soak up excess water—the fabric is much kinder to your hair cuticle. After that, work a leave-in mousse, balm, or cream into your hair with your fingers, and let it dry.

Monday: Grade-A Braid2

On short hair, a french braid looks wispy and romantic—plus it’s a really seamless strategy for tucking short layers away. Just be sure to have plenty of bobby pins on hand, especially if your hair isn’t long enough to pull into a tiny ponytail at the end. And don’t be afraid to let a few strands fall out of place—it just adds to the aesthetic.

Tuesday: Accessorizeimage475x475

Barrettes, headbands, clips… You have plenty of options for keeping rogue strands out of your face.

Wednesday: Part Ways4

Rethinking your typical hair part is an easy, free, and surprisingly dramatic way to switch up your entire look. Or you can take it to the next level by putting a sleek braid in its place, as seen here.

Thursday: Chic Chignon5

On a day that’s packed with back-to-back meetings, a low-knot is quick, practical, and polished. For that effortlessly cool French-girl vibe, and give the hair at your crown a gentle tousle.

Friday: So Slick6

The best way to “disguise” greasy roots? Embrace them. This sleek ‘do works as well for the office as it does for a night out, and it’s a breeze to throw together.

Saturday: #Casual7

A half-knot looks particularly cute with a short chop, and it’s an easy, breezy way to keep your hair out of your eyes for errands, brunch, hiking, or whatever else your Saturday agenda has in store.

Which look is your favorite? Do you have a short hairstyle you swear by? Sound off below!


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