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7 Style Tricks That Will Make All Men Look Taller

Men, nowadays, are too conscious about their height and how they look. Being on the shorter side has its own disadvantages but it’s not that big a deal if you can sport the right clothes. Height has a lot to do with perception, and your clothes are on the front lines as far as changing that perception is concerned. It’s not your fault if you were born short, but you can always look taller.

Using the following style tricks, you can play around with your short height!

1. You need to avoid wearing short sleeved t-shirtstytyu 7

Short sleeved shirts make your arms look short and if the arms look short, so will the rest of your body. Instead, wear long sleeved shirts and roll up the cuffs of that shirt by which you can avoid the situation!

2. Fitted clothes to your rescue!tytyu 6

Long, short, thin or thick, we recommend you to wear fitted clothes always. But fitted clothes will specifically help people with short height as loose fitting of clothes can make an optical illusion to the other person.

3. The length of your shirt/t-shirt shouldn’t go below the hipbonetytyu 5

Anything longer than your hipbone will make you look short as if would cover most part of your body. Your aim should be to make your legs look longer and your body will in turn appear longer as well.

4. NEVER ever try to wear baggy/ low waist pantstytyu 4

Loose baggy pants would make you look even smaller than your height. We recommend you to wear fitted pants on your waistline and also, avoid folding the cuffs of the pants at the bottom which contribute to shorter legs!

5. Monochromatic colour scheme help create an illusion of heighttytyu 3

It’s a known fact that darker colours help you create an illusion of height for the other person. All black outfits won’t favour you as well but you have to stick to a combination of monochromatic colours like black and white.

6. Skinnier ties instead of the classic broad onestytyu 2

Diverting the attention to your slim tie from the body is what you are look at. Slim ties have this tendency to grab the eye of the viewer, so it’ll be a good trick to make an illusion.

7. Long hair won’t help you either!tytyu 1

Shorter hairstyles would bring the best of your height. Long hair hide the neck which helps in elongating the body!

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