7 Times Girls Don’t Take The Blame For What They Did

And we’re sorry to expose all of the things you did but have been denying all the time.

Girls are awesome. There are absolutely no two ways about that. They are sensitive, caring and they can be LOTS of fun. But make no mistakes about it, there a few things they do that they NEVER take the blame for. No I’m not talking about some big shot crimes that they commit, but rather simple and harmless everyday things that they prefer not EVER getting blamed for.

Want to know what they are? Read on to know what I’m talking about:


1. Sharing drinks with their guy friends on ‘ladies nights’.

We all know this is something that most girls are guilty of doing. Sneaking a sip or two of their drinks on a ladies night at some pub, when no one is looking, has almost become a routine exercise for most girls. But if they ever get caught by someone, they will NEVER take the blame for it. In fact, they might just start fighting with the person accusing them of such a ghastly ‘crime’.

2. Committing a minor traffic violation.

Whenever a minor traffic violation is committed by a girl, they’d never take the blame for it. This is partly because any mistakes they make while driving would wrongly get attributed to the sexist notion that girls can’t drive. As such, they refuse take the blame when they actually make a mistake.

3. Checking a hot guy out, in public.

This is perhaps the most common thing girls do that they’ll never take the blame for. If they are ever caught checking out a hot guy (whether by their friends or their boyfriend), they will never plead guilty. Want to know why? Well, they really don’t want to give their boyfriends a free pass to check out other girls.

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4. Farting in public.

Once again, this is something that most girls would NEVER take the blame for. Why you ask? Well, farting is way too crass a thing for girls to do, especially if they’re in public.

5. Indulging in sexism.

Another thing that girls would NEVER admit to doing? Indulging in sexism. You see, not many people understand that sexism is a two way street and that it even women can be sexist towards men. So when girls get caught being sexist towards men, they deny it.

6. Snoring in their sleep.

Ask any boyfriend or husband about this and he is guaranteed to corroborate what we are saying. No matter how much you tell them, girls refuse to take any blame for their snoring. This is mostly because they refuse to believe that they can even snore in the first place.

7. Putting up hot pictures of themselves, even if the others in the picture look ugly.

If you are friends with any girls, and have them on your social media, you’ll be able to relate to this. Girls love putting up pictures, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But many-a-times, they tend to ignore just how bad their friends/cousins/boyfriends/bffs might be looking like in the pictures they are putting up. And when confronted with this, they rebuke the blame.

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