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9 Obvious Signs He’s Flirting With You

Ever wonder if that nice guy is flirting with you? There are a few proven ways that can tell you if he is interested in you. While it’s difficult to read body language at times, it’s possible if you know where to start.

Honestly, I wasn’t too surprised with these findings. We get hundreds of questions from you guys every day, and the majority of them go something like this: “How do I know if my crush likes me? How can I tell if he’s flirting with me or just being friendly? Help!” Well, we’re here for you. Here are 9 obvious signs that he’s flirting with you… now go get ‘em, girl!

#9.You Catch Him Staring

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A guy who likes you is going to look at you… obviously! So, if you catch him looking at you from across the room, that’s good. It’s also good if he looks you up and down (although also a little creepy) when he’s talking to you. Pay attention to where his eyes go. A dude who isn’t interested isn’t going to spend a lot of time looking at you… if anything, he’s going to try to avoid you.

#8.He Is Trying To Impress You By Bragging A Little

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When a guy has a crush, he almost always tries to impress her by bragging a little bit. He might not even realize he’s bragging, he’s just trying to get you to like him back. He might subtly talk about the things he’s good at, like “casually” dropping that he’s in a band, or he got a really good grade on a test, or something like that. When I first met my boyfriend, he spent a lot of time talking to me about how his dirtbike, quad and sports car. Later, he told me he was just trying to impress me. It’s cute! If you notice a guy bragging like this, it’s because he wants you to think he’s special.

#7.He’s Nervous and Fidgety

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Unless he’s super, super suave, he’ll get a little bit nervous when he’s flirting with you. Pay attention to his body language. Is he fidgeting around? Is he playing with a pen or jiggling his leg around or running his hands through his hair? These are all signs that he’s nervous. And guys usually don’t get nervous around people they don’t care about, so… take it was a good sign.


#6.He Tilts His Head Towards You

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When a guy is talking to a girl he likes, his natural instinct is to tilt his head and the rest of his body towards you. He’s trying to get closer to you, trying to show you he’s interested in what you’re saying… and maybe trying to smell you, I don’t know. JK on that last part (or is it real?). The point is, he’ll be leaning in towards you, not leaning away.


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