How to Attract an Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius is an air sign, but do not for one moment think that you can blow her off.

Personality of The Aquarius woman

A word of advice if you’re trying to get to grips with the Aquarius woman – don’t. You can’t bottle the four winds in a jar, or tie down the clouds. So don’t try. Don’t pin her down to a stereotype because she will more than likely buck all expectations and be exactly what you do not expect her to be. More than anything, she is the ultimate non-conformist.

Aquarius is an air sign, but unlike her other light-hearted zodiac sisters, an Aquarius woman is no gentle breeze or dreamy zephyr. She is a tempest filled with an inner force and power, which can be a little scary when you first come into contact with her. Hold on tight and go along for the ride. She’s unlikely to be interested in winning approval or compliments, making her often bold, non-conforming, and sometimes shocking. Many Aquarians are amused by narrow minded people, and aren’t beyond doing or saying things purely to see the reaction they get. They aren’t aggressive people per se, but they can be a little mischievous in this area!

What Does The Aquarius Woman Not Like In A Man?

  • Stinginess – the Aquarian woman strongly dislikes a man who is stingy. She does not care much for money and cannot understand or tolerate a person who values money too much. She is not a shopping-crazy female, but she will not hold back if she really likes anything – whether she can afford it or not she will find a way to get it.
  • Men who don’t love animals – this woman loves every being on earth. She simply cannot imagine how anyone can stay away from animals. She will help and volunteer to help animals at every opportunity. She feels than one who does not loves animals is incapable to love anyone in the real sense.
  • Stuffiness – she appreciates formal dressing and respects the fact that sometime it is required by etiquette to behave in a formal manner. However, she is not one to conform to any rules and does not like a man who sticks too much protocol or insists on rules of behavior, etc. She values her independence a lot and will move away from any man who intends to put any limits on her thoughts or movement.
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How To Seduce The Aquarius Woman: 5 Foolproof Tips

Aquarius women find the traditional gestures of romance-like a heart-shaped box of chocolates or bouquet of roses-a bit silly, as well as hidebound and lacking originality.

1. Where to go

Your Aquarius is going to be 99% concerned with your brain, how you think, and who you are. As such, advice about what to wear or where to go is largely irrelevant here. This sign isn’t concerned with appearances, beyond common sense and general attractiveness. Be yourself and go wherever the mood takes you. Somewhere which allows a lot of uninterupted conversation is highly recomended however.

2. Compliment what makes her different

Most Aquarius women take pride in their originality, although some flaunt this quality while others are more reserved about it. They want partners who appreciate the ways they differ from the crowd.

The more flamboyant type of Aquarian may have her own unique style of dress, drive a car which she has painted and decorated so that it looks like no other vehicle on the road, or pursue an unusual profession.

The quieter Aquarius women will express their distinction in more subtle ways. Either way, an Aquarius woman will want a mate who appreciates her uniqueness, rather than someone who will try to trim her square edges so that she fits into a round hole. Never tell her she reminds you of anyone else; Aquarius likes to see herself as one of a kind.

3. Show her you care about others

Many Aquarius women have strong humanitarian beliefs. They may choose a vacation helping teach children in an impoverished area or building houses for people left homeless by disaster.

They select friends and partners who share this concern for those who in need. If you want to see that you possess some depth, tell her about how you went down to Haiti to help out after the earthquake or that you volunteer at a homeless shelter.

This will impress her much more than if you try to prove your sensitivity by talking about how deeply you were hurt by the death of your first dog, your parents’ divorce or your break-up with your first girlfriend. Emotional dramas bore Aquarius.

4. Fiery and experimentative in bed

She is a sensuous woman and will hugely admire passion and willingness to experiment in bed. She can be light as a zephyr or powerful as a tempest – and needs a man who match her every nuance. More often than not she will be the one taking the lead and her man should not feel intimidated or threatened by her aggressive side.

5. Avoid emotionaly charged issues

To attract an Aquarius woman, show her you’re the cool, calm and collected type. Logical and fairly detached by nature, these girls feel uncomfortable with people who openly express their feelings, so if you’re a bit volatile or tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, you’d better get a grip on yourself fast. Put an Aquarius woman at ease by avoiding emotionally charged issues and appeal to her intellect instead. Because good mental rapport means a lot to this girl, she’s looking for a clever, well informed partner with plenty of controversial ideas to share.

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