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Barun Sobti reveals why he chose Satya Ki Kiran for his TV comeback

Barun Sobti, who shot to fame with her role in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is returning to television after a gap of around three years with Zee TV’s finite series Satya Ki Kiran.

Barun Sobti who played the role of arrogant, spoilt, rich tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada to perfection in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is returning to television after a gap of around three years. A finite series of 26 episodes, Satya Ki Kiran, promises to be a fast-paced romantic thriller, offering a fresh story in every episode. The actor, in an exclusive telephonic conversation with India Today Online talks about his new finite series Satya Ki Kiran and more.

‘Every episode will be different from the other’

Satya Ki Kiran, to be aired on Zee TV, is set in Delhi and Barun will play the lead role of a 27-year-old cop called Satya, who’s son of a millionaire. He loses his father in mysterious circumstances and now his only motive is to uncover the mystery of his father’s death.

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“I am playing a Delhi cop and the show is kind of a crossover between romantic and thriller. The story of a boy and a girl grows old to 26 episodes.
Every episode in itself is going to be a different change. As we progress in the story, every situation, every case leads to a bigger story, and it culminates in the absolute end.”

The role of female lead Kiran Jayate will be played by Pavitra Rishta star Shivani Tomar. The two lead characters will fall in love in the course of unravelling the murder mystery.

‘First episode shot, hope people like it’

Barun Sobti is facing the camera for a TV soap, after a gap of three years, but he feels nothing has changed for him. “No, it doesn’t feel any different to be shooting for a TV soap again. What do I have to do in it, apart from my own job? It’s not very complex. It’s just a comprehension of human psychology. I have already shot for the first episode with Jijy Philip and it looks really nice. Now, we have to see how it goes down with the audience.”

‘TV and movies are part of the same medium’barun s

Barun, who’s coming up with a couple of Bollywood movies including Tu Mera Sunday, fails to understand the weird disconnect people feel between TV and movies. He wants to break this notion, and that’s the reason why he has signed on the show.

“In the longer run, the whole point of doing this show was that there is a weird kind of disconnect people feel between TV and Bollywood. What they don’t understand is that they are the part of the same medium. Just because you are paying Rs 300 for watching a movie show doesn’t mean that you can’t get the same kind of entertainment while surfing the net or flipping the TV channels. I want to break this notion through my show.”

In an industry dominated by women, Barun Sobti still remains immensely popular among his fans. His last show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, in which he was paired opposite Sanaya Irani, had to be wrapped up, after the actor decided to part ways with the show, owing to his Bollywood aspirations. This happens rarely in an industry dominated by characters like Tulsi, Parvati, Ishita and Gopi Bahu. How does it feel?

“Whatever kind of appreciation comes as a human being, it feels nice. Not because I’m popular in a women-centric industry like Television, but because of the fact that people are liking my work as an actor,” he signs off.

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