Best Types of Water to Wash Your Face Effectively

Proper face washing is one of the crucial steps to achieve flawless skin.  We generally use mild face wash, toner to get rid of various impurities from our skin. But, we all know, how much all these products actually help us. Washing your face alone with plain water is not helpful in getting rid of those pimples and spots. Many researchers have already proven that washing your face with various types of water once in week helps in achieving an amazing look. So, just scroll down to know the best types of water that can give you spotless skin.

Say Bye to All Skin Problems with Coconut Water:coconut water

Coconut water is considered as one of the purest forms of water and we all know, how much it helps our body. This amazing water has the capability to cure almost all skin problems. Use fresh coconut water to wash your face. You will notice soon that your skin problems are fading away.[Read more: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CARING FOR YOUR LIPS]

Prevent Tan with Cucumber Water:(photo credit: Thinkstock)

Apart from giving you eye relaxation, cucumber has several beauty benefits.  You can make cucumber water by boiling small piece of cucumber into pan with one glass of water and then grind it and discard its pulp. You have cucumber water ready. Cucumber protects your skin from harmful sun rays, thus preventing tan. You can also use this water as a facial mist. You can store this water up to 4 days.

Get Fresh and Radiant Look with Mint Water:mint-water

I personally love mint a lot, this herb can be universally used in various cuisines as well as in beauty regimen.  For making this water, boil some handful of mint leave in water, cool it down and wash your face with it. Mint has cooling properties, thus it makes you feel fresh and radiant. Regular use of this water will make your face glow. I suggest using this water in early morning.

Heal Those Scars with Salt Water:salt-water-mouth-wash-1

Not many of us are aware that salt has healing properties. It is an effective type of water to heal those scars and deep cuts on your face. You can also use this water after shaving. Make sure that it does not go in your eyes. I suggest using this water with cotton ball.

Get A Rosy Look with Rose Water:rose water

Rose water is the best type of water to wash your face. As we all know that rose water acts as a purest facial cleaner and a toner, which helps to clear those black spots leaving a natural blush on your face.[Read also: THE SECRET BEAUTY POTION FOR DELICIOUS SKIN]

Shoo Away Acne with Rice Water :Rice-Water

We all must have drunk rice water in childhood, locally called as ‘maand’. Our mom says that it has various nutrients properties. This nutrient also works wonders for our skin. Chinese women uses rice water as natural facial cleanser. So after boiling rice, strain the water and keep aside. Rinse your face with this lukewarm rice water. This type of water is very helpful to reduce large pores and get rid of tan and acne. This is the cheapest and effective face cleanser.

Enhance Your Complexion with Cold Water :


Add some ice cubes in a mug of water, wait for some minutes and then rinse your face with this cold water. This type of water is very useful to reduce open pores after facial. It is also helps to enhance your complexion. All these types of water are easily available at our home, so why not incorporate them in your beauty regimen? Make sure you will not scrub your face with towel, always pat your face dry, which helps in restoring skin moisture.[Read more: 5 Benefits of Adding a Serum to Your Skincare Routine]

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