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13 Crazy Things All Girls Do When They’re Crushing On A Guy!

You’ve often wondered if he’s thinking about you like you are about him 24/7.

At some stage in our lives, we’ve all had a crush on someone or the other. This person not just made our heart skip a beat when we saw them, but they also had us giggling to ourselves for absolutely no reason! Or how you literally can’t. stop. staring at your crush whenever they’re around? Having a crush can make you do things that are sorta strange, maybe even a bit crazy crazy. If you’ve ever crushed on someone for the longest time, we bet you’ll be nodding along to this list. 😉

1. Facebook and facebook everywhere.

You have stalked him on Facebook and that’s really common. You want to see how he looks, what all are his pictures, who all are there in his family, or maybe you secretly want to know if he is with some girl. You read his profile and even find it damn interesting even if it is the most banal one. His common profile or pictures you see of him give you waaaaaaooooooo wali feeling!! CRAZY.

You do this so much that you’ve accidentally liked an old photo from 86 weeks ago on their Instagram. So. Embarrassing.

 2. You plan your entire future in your head.

We’ll go to the same college and study abroad in Spain together. After we graduate, we’ll have our wedding in Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland and name our kids something unique like Blue Ivy or North West.

3. You know the names of every person in their family, including their pets.

You also know random things about them, like their favorite food, color, TV show, and band…even though your longest conversation consisted of three words: “What up?” “Nothing.”

4. You purposely hang out at places you know your crush will be.

So what if you HATE sports? You’re going to every football, basketball, and lacrosse game from now on, because you know who will be there.

5. You And Your Friends Give Him THE SECRET NAME!

This secret name is very important. When you are talking on phone about your crush, your parents will not come to know what crazy things you are talking. Then if you are talking about him in public or in tuition or college, no one will again come to know who you are talking about! What’s your crush’s secret name?

6. You know where your crush is at any single moment.

You know what class they have every period and even where they are after school and on the weekends.

7. You stare at your phone, waiting for them to text you back.

Any time it buzzes you FREAK out hoping it’s bae. Unable to take the suspense anymore, you’ll switch your phone to silent and throw it under your pillow or something. But that only lasts so long, like maybe 30 seconds, and you’re checking your phone again.

8. You play weird games and take quizzes online to see if your crush is into you.

He loves me, he loves me not…*HE LOVES ME*!!

9. You remember every single interaction with your crush.

That time he made eye contact with you in the caf and that time he bumped into to you in the hall after first period—those moments are extra ~special~ to you.

10. His Hangout Spot Is Your Favorite Hangout Spot Now!

You know that he will be there in cafe and you suddenly appear there with your friends. The craziest thing is, you know his time when he usually comes there and you try hard to again suddenly appear there in cafe.

11. You have imaginary conversations with your crush.

You know, so if you ever actually have a real convo, you’ll be prepared.

12. His Words Appears like the Famous Dialogues of Bollywood Superhits!

You remember that he said this thing to you on this day, at this time and he was wearing this. You keep fantasizing about his words and actions. His smile makes you smile. That’s the crazy feeling of crushing on someone that makes you go crazy!

13. Any day that your crush smiles/says hi/looks at you is the best day.

Because having a crush is one of the best feelings ever. They always put a smile on your face.

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