15 Cute And Real Promises Every Guy Should Make To His Future Wife

Wedding is the union of two families and most importantly two souls. The magical and surprising thing about a marriage is two different persons love each other unconditionally without having any blood relation. To sustain that love and make that bond stronger, the couple make certain commitments and promises to each other which they try to fulfil forever.

While a lot of you boys might get scared of this ‘commitment’, it is not as difficult as it might sound. And, you can expect your partner to live up to your expectations only when you do the same for her, right? That is why; every soon-to-be married man should make a couple of sweet, simple and most importantly, honest promises to his future wife before taking plunge into matrimony.


So boys, before you are all set to get hitched, check out what those promises are:

1. I promise I will be there right by your side, when you need me the most

This is the most cute and real promise that every person wants to hear from his/her counterpart. Promise your lovely future wife to be with her when she will need you the most to support her, guide her, help her and appreciate her.

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2. I promise to always make us a priority

Yes, strive for success. Yes, go for that promotion at work. Yes, hustle to take your business to the next level. But be very careful not to destroy your relationship through neglect in the process. Before you were a CEO or a high-powered attorney or a doctor, you were a man or woman who fell in love. You are a human being who is intimately and emotionally connected to another human being.

3. I promise I will be the same person forever

The one she fell in love with will always be with her. You can’t take your wife for granted rather you have to value her always. You will be same person with whom she fell in love forever and after.

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4. I promise You will always be my first priority

After marriage priorities do change. Nothing can be much important than your family and your children. Work is worship and family is life. So, you have to make your wife and kids your first ever priority.

5. I promise I will divide the responsibilities equally

Now you are a couple and you have to take your responsibilities equally. You can’t over burden one with extra duties and responsibilities.

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6. I promise I will take care of you when you will be sick

You have to make your spouse comfortable when she is not well and is sick. You have to help her and take care of her to give her extra comfort and love to get her well soon.

7. I promise I will love you for much more than your outer beauty

Love is all about true and beautiful heart. Beauty, looks and figure has nothing to do with your love. You have to love your wife much more than her outer beauty, no matter how much she gets older.

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8. I promise I will make you the equal partner in all my decisions

No decisions regarding your life and both of your life will be made without her knowledge, consent and suggestion. She will be your equal partner to take all the right decisions.

9. I promise I will never blame you for everything

Playing blame games is very common in marriages but is the most important factor which makes relationship weaker. So, try not to play blame games rather try to solve problems and issues together.

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10. I promise I will respect and honour your parents

Parents are the most important factor of one’s life and no one can live without them. Your wife’s parents will be your parents too after marriage so it’s your responsibility to honour, respect and love her parents.

11. I promise I will support you in your professional decisions

Profession is something should never be neglected. Your work is as important as her work. So, being a husband you have to support and help in her professional decisions.

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12. I promise I will keep things exciting always

After 3 years of marriage, the love, the freshness of the relationship and the excitement vanish away. So, you should take utmost care of that excitement and freshness of your relationship to keep that alive forever.

13. I promise I will be the best father of our kids

Being a nice and supportive husband is as essential as being a best father. To be a real man, you have to excel in both characters. You have to do every single thing to be a best father of the world.

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14. I promise I will grow old with you only

Love is divine, unconditional and unlimited. Getting old with your spouse and still loving each other madly is the cutest sign of a strong and honest relationship. You can only imagine your wife with you when you will be getting older.

15. I promise will never let you forget how much I love you

As an extension of the previous point, sometimes life gets crazy and we lose sight of things by accident. One of these things can easily be letting our significant other know how much he or she means to us daily. One of the biggest problems in long-term relationships is lack of gratitude. When someone feels taken for granted it can easily breed resentment and a whole slew of other problems that will eat away at your foundation.

You’ll know you’ve found the right partner when they keep showing you how much you mean to them, long after they’ve already committed to you.

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