This Is Your Deepest and Darkest Secret : According To Your Zodiac Sign

All the Zodiac signs have their soft spots. There are ways they can be vulnerable...

Each Zodiac sign has each own little dark secret. For example Aries might look tough on the outside but deep down inside they are as innocent as children. This vulnerable side they can only exhibit to the people that are really close to, people that have gain their trust. If you betray their trust, they won’t leave you unpunished.

Cancers on the other side, hate showing weakness. So even in their darkest times they will try to look confident and self-assured as they are too proud to become fragile to external factors. In the following article you can discover which your partner’s deepest darkest secret is in order to be more understanding to their weaknesses. Go ahead, discover your and your significant other’s darkest zodiac secrets.


Fear of losing people- Aries  

The only thing scarier for an Aries than losing a fight is losing a friend in the process. Although they often won’t realize that until afterward, because they really hate losing a fight. Aries are warriors. They throw themselves into combat not only because they want to win, but because it’s in their nature. They enjoy a good battle of wills, and if there’s no fight easily forthcoming, they’ll antagonize the ones they love, often without realizing it.

When an Aries’ actions backfire, the ones they love retaliate not by fighting back but by disappearing, and Aries will never forget his/her mistake. It puts Aries in a state of permanent “wrong-ness,” a feeling that absolutely makes their skin crawl.

Not-So-Trusting – Taurus

Taurus loves to be comfortable. They enjoy the simplest creature comforts: good food, good friends, a nice shag rug, a fireplace and anything that contributes to a warm atmosphere. It’s more than just a preference for comfort — for Taurus, there is a deep need to be surrounded by amenity.
Not trusting easily is your secret, Taurean! When put in the spot, your past experiences can have you feeling quite insecure and distrustful. Once you’re sure of the person you want to spend your life with, however, you give them your all – including your trust!

Miss Cautious – Gemini

While you do trust, it’s with caution. There are only a handful of people you genuinely trust. But you also fear that they may break it and use your insecurities against you. That’s one of the reasons you rarely open up to people.

“I’m Sorted Out” – Cancerian

Your darkest secret is the fear of being vulnerable. You don’t want anyone to play with your feelings, that’s why you constantly keep them hidden from the world. You want people to see you as a sorted-out kind of person, and you’re willing to do anything to keep that reputation intact.

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Limelight Lover – Leo

If there is one thing you can’t stand, it’s someone else’s ego. You may never say it, but you really like being the centre of all attention. You love basking in the glory of limelight, and that’s not something you’re willing to share easily!

The Overthinker – Virgo

You happen to think a lot. It may not always come through, but a billion things are running through your head at any given point of time. With a lot of thinking, comes unwanted assumptions as well – so over-thinking ain’t the best idea! Mostly, things aren’t as bad as they are in your head. Just go with the flow, we say!

No Lone Wolf – Libra

Your biggest fear is being alone! You always want to have people around you or have that special someone by your side to motivate you at all times. You will never tell people your insecurities, but deep down, you hope that they understand your need.

Standing Apart – Scorpio

You like to keep a safe distance from everyone. You have a poker face, and you’re not the kind of person to interfere with people’s lives. You observe and only lash out if provoked. It so happens that you know a lot about what’s happening in other people’s lives, but hardly anyone knows what’s been up in yours. C’mon, it’s okay to open up and share a bit!

Shy To Commit – Sagittarius

The only thing that upsets your otherwise-happy life is people trying to force commitment on you. You may love your partner to no end, but when it comes to him putting a ring on it, you get the heebie jeebies. Flight is your first reaction if someone tries to put a label on stuff – you’d much rather take your own time over it!

Ms Perfectionist – Capricorn

You never want to be in a situation where your flaws might be revealed. You’re a perfectionist – and that’s the side of your personality you want people to know. It’s okay – everybody has imperfections, you just need to come to terms with yours!

A Bit Aloof – Aquarius

Even if you’re surrounded by a group of people, you still feel disconnected. You try to make an effort to understand what other people are saying, but sometimes you get too caught up in your own world. Listen and focus on what others are saying – it won’t hurt!

Strong Surface – Pisces

You are a powerful person. However, under that strong persona lies a delicate heart. You’re not the kind of person who lets people in easily. You trust a few close friends only, but remember that sometimes it’s fine to let your guard down.

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