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Easy Ways to Show You Care in a Long-Distance Relationship

Distance does not have to cause a divide in our personal relationships! There are many ways we can maintain a close personal connection...

Having fun is an essential part of any satisfying relationship – when partners include a level of playfulness in their togetherness, they are better able to weather the storms down the line. And nowhere is true than in a long distance relationship – writing and calling can get monotonous and the long absences can act as a genuine source of insecurity. so if you are trying to make things work across the miles, make use of these fun ways to surprise your beloved which are sure to bring in a whiff of fresh air into your long distance relationship and keep the embers of love glowing.

Send him/her a text message

Long distance relationships are frequently accepted to be among the most hard to sustain. Couples far from each other need to adapt to depression as well as the possibility of an affection whose romantic fire might smolder low on occasion. Modern technology however, has made it much easier to be in touch with a loved one even when he/she is far away. And text messages are one of the best ways to do this. So surprize your darling on a common working day with an instant message which can be romantic like As I walked out of my house today, I realized that I was missing something. And that something was you, to tender like Loving you is like breathing – so effortless, so natural. And so essential to life.

Think of a thoughtful gift

 You can send flowers, edible arrangements, or customized holiday baskets all from the convenience of your computer. You can send a note from yourself, add name customization to gift baskets, and explore hundreds of other personalized options.
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Many local businesses have delivery services as well. Check out the website of flower shops, bakeries and delis near your loved one’s home or work to see if you can have a local and fresh surprise delivered to them.
Alternately if you have a flair for creative work, put together a Long Distance Relationship workbook. Decorate a scrapbook with photos, love letters, movie tickets, restaurant bills and any other evidence from the times you have spent together. If your partner has a sentimental streak, set aside a column or few pages where they can make their own entries.

Dedicate a song to him/her

One of the nicest ways to let your partner know that you have been thinking of them is by dedicating a song to them on their favorite radio music show. This gesture of love will not only catch your beloved off guard but melt their heart on hearing the song that has been requested to play for them her by their lover. The only catch is making sure he/she has the radio on when the show is on air. you can for instance give your partner a call when the show starts and casually mention that the radio station is playing some lovely songs and he/she might turn it on. Eventually this can go on to make your very special love-song and symbolize the unique thing you share with each other.

Write a love poem for him

While emails and text messages are all very well for daily communication, every once in a while it would be good to express your love in a special way and what can be better for this purpose than poetry. Put down your emotions in a romantic poem for your long distance partner. He/she will be surprised and touched to receive a message that you have composed yourself. Don’t worry if the poem doesn’t rhyme – it should be just romantic and sincere.

Put up an advertisement

A wonderful way of planning a surprise for your partner is to publish a romantic message in the personal column of whatever newspaper your partner subscribes to. Make your message extra special by including a photo of you together or quoting a few lines from your partner’s favorite love poem or love song. Your beloved will not only be ecstatic at receiving your mushy message but also feel secretly flattered at your public avowal of love.

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Get daring

If it is a special occasion like your anniversary or Valentine’s Day and you wish to surprise him/her, then send something naughty as a present. Lacy lingerie will set your wife or girlfriend’s heart racing while a photo showing you both having a torrid time is sure to remind your boyfriend or husband of how good it feels to be together. Your partner will not only be hugely pleased at the evidence of your passion but who knows may even hop on the next flight to your city.

Send a party

So what if you cannot be with your partner at his or her birthday party? Do the next best thing and send him or her a party. Buy streamers, party hats, kazoos and a candy-filled piñata and pack them all in a box. Then send it to your partner and he or she is bound to be pleasantly surprised at receiving your truly wacky present. Not to mention your partner’s pals who are sure to envy him or her for having such an understanding and fun-loving lover.

Send an eCard.

A greeting first thing in the morning can make someone’s special day even better. It may seem weird to call early in the morning, especially with any time zone differences. Texts are nice, but for a really special birthday greeting, you can go one step further with an eCard.

Your loved one will get the eCard as soon as they check their email. You can even schedule it to be sent in advance so that there’s no chance it will slip your mind. eCards are fully customizable, and you can include an online gift card with them if you’d like to add a present.

Finally what can be a better surprise to a long distance love than you in person? If you are not afraid to do a little co-coordinating, plan a secret trip to your partner’s place. This will of course require flight bookings and hotel reservations, not to mention rescheduling your own work. And the trickiest part is bound to ensure that he/she is present at the venue – home or workplace – where you intend to meet him/her. However the look of happy incredulity in your beloved’s eyes when you appear out of the blue is definitely going to be worth all the planning and plotting you may have gone through to this end.

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