10 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs a Girl Best Friend

We all need a little girl power in our lives—yes, even guys...

Every guy has bros. But not every guy has a girl best friend. If you’re one of the lucky few to have one then I congratulate you. And if you still don’t have one, then go out there and make one because frankly, it is awesome. It may be difficult to understand the girls, but believe me, being friends with them is one-of-a-kind experience! Whether your best friend is a girl or not, read on to know why every guy must have a girl best friend in his life


1. She’s practically your mom.

She’ll give you the best career advice, and girl advice, and won’t shy away from telling you if you’re behaving like a jerk. She will bring you food to eat when you’re sick. In fact, she’ll probably make you a get-well-soon card. Because nobody cares the way she does.

2. She makes you more expressive.

Thanks to her you know a thing or two about emotions. Plus, you need it sometimes because your guy friends aren’t there to help you understand matters of the heart. They are there to play cricket or watch a soccer match. So it’s a blessing to have her because it is so easy to open up.

3. She teaches you how to respect women.

Your girl best friend is keeping a constant eye on you and every time you hurt a girl, she’ll be upfront about it. She’s the reason you know what to say and what not to say to a girl on the first date.

4. She’s your go-to person for pick up lines.

Madam will tell you exactly how to strike the right chord with the hot chick, the intellectual one and the hard-to-get one. She really helps you hide your over-the-top arrogant attitude. In fact, she’ll even let you practice your lines on her.

5. She can give you sensible relationship advice

She knows exactly how a girl’s mind works. There are many times when as boys we cannot exactly figure out where something went wrong and that is exactly when she comes into the picture and fixes that puzzle for you.

6. They improve your fashion sense by 1000x.

When you need a haircut or a shave, which colour suits you better and what you should wear for the weekend party – there can be no better person to give you this advice.

7. You’d be hopeless at shopping if it weren’t for her.

Even the most shopping averse male needs new clothes. But for us, shopping is like Astro-Physics. Thankfully, for our girl BFFs, it’s child’s play. Take her along when you shop for your shit. It’ll make things easier.

8. They make sure you’re following basic hygiene. 

There is something about meeting a lady that makes men groom themselves. Since we’re as averse to bathing as KRK is to logic, it works out pretty well for most of us.

9. You will have someone who will take you seriously

Even if you want to simply rant about things or want to discuss some non-sense ideas, your girl best friend will never let you down. She will listen to everything you have to say.

10. No one can give a pep-talk like a lady best friend.

There is no other person you should call when you’re down in the dumps. She’ll know just what to say to get you to believe in yourself again.

It’s time for you to call her up and tell her how lucky you are to have her. Even better tag her in the comments below.

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