Given that you invest so much time in taking care of your skin, it should make for your very best asset. So if it’s not, there’s probably doing something you’re doing wrong. Here are six sure-fire ways to get your skin feeling soft, supple and simply superb.


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Working on the assumption that we all shower at least once a day (hopefully), exfoliate your skin at least once a week if you have regular/combination skin (do it more often if you have oily skin or you’ve had an outdoorsy week.). But while exfoliating, use a brush that has natural fibres instead of artificial ones. You can even start with some dry exfoliation before you step into the shower. Exfoliation will get rid of all the dirt, grime and dead skin cells that have built up on your skin over the course of the week. However, for your face, use your fingers and a sensitive or natural facial exfoliator.
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How difficult could it be to dry your skin, right? And yet, most of us get it wrong. Scrubbing your skin dry with your Turkish towel till it gets red isn’t the right way to do it, even though it “feels clean.” The right way to do it is to pat your skin dry with a soft non-synthetic towel with natural fibres such as cotton, in order to avoid any damage that might be caused to delicate skin by harsh fabrics and vigorous rubbing.
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Do you know that ideally, you should be moisturising within a few minutes of finishing your shower? And more so before you leave your bathroom since the steam helps your open pores to better absorb the cream. A pointer to keep in mind – your skin too undergoes a cycle of change like the rest of your body. So you’ll notice that over time the moisturiser you once swore by isn’t as effective on your skin. Invest some time to figure out which products work best for your skin type and don’t be afraid to switch up your beauty regimen every now and then.
An oldie but a goodie, a skin oil is a natural, home remedy for baby soft skin, sometimes even better than regular creams. The commonly available coconut oil might not be perfumed but can go a long way in getting you that baby skin you’ve always wanted. Our other favourite, olive oil, can be left on your skin for about 15 minutes and rinsed off if you’re looking for some deep conditioning. Else, there’s always the Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 that has added benefits and works wonders on sensitive skin.
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You might be OD’ing on skin treatments every week, but if you aren’t caring for your skin from the inside, all your efforts are going to waste. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water every day. It might sound like the simplest thing, but things like air conditioning and caffeine dehydrate us at a fast pace, leaving our skin feeling and looking thirsty. The result? Skin that’s parched, flaky, dry and prone to acne. Try this simple experiment – drink two litres of water every day for two weeks and see the difference it makes to your skin.
Outdoor care

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Your skin is like a magnet absorbing everything that comes its way. When you go out, dirt, grime, pollution and much more all clog your pores. Just like your face, you need to keep the rest of your body protected as well. Sunscreen is a must, whether its summer or not. Like we’ve mentioned before there’s no defending against UVA and UVB rays. As much as possible, keep your skin covered. Use a light jacket or a stole if you’re outdoors. Little things like these are what eventually help in delaying the onset of ageing, fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles.

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