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How to do Step By Step Hair Spa at Home

Hair Spa at home!! Have you ever heard of doing the hair spa at home? Instead of wasting money at expensive spas I recommend you to get your hair spa done at home. It is not very difficult task. It’s just a matter of giving it a try and getting addicted to home hair spa. With these easy steps you can get a home hair spa like treatment yourself. Now you need not have to depend or wait to go to the spa. Do it yourself at home when ever you wish to. Do you know that this treatment that you give to your hair is highly beneficial. Yes, it is. This makes the hair thicker, reverses the damage due to sun and chemicals. This also makes the hair shinier.


What is Hair Spa all about?

If you’re going in for a hair spa, the therapist would first take a look at what kind of hair you have, its quality, etc. You are then offered suitable remedies and packs. Some spas also have a protein treatment for hair. The idea is to rejuvenate and protect the hair. A serum is mixed with the conditioner onto the hair. I recommend using argan oil, which is very beneficial and can penetrate the hair shaft and restore moisture. After oiling and shampoo, a deep-conditioning mask or pack made with natural ingredients is applied to the hair and massaged well.

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So, let’s have a look at this step by step guide on performing hair spa yourself.

1. Massage your scalp:

The first step involved in hair spa is massaging. Choose oil that suits your hair. If your hair  is normal you can choose coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. But if your hair is dry or oily you can try combination of oils. For dry hair you can use coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil as base oil and sesame oil and castor oil can be used as the secondary oil. You can mix the quantity of oil as per the level of dryness. And finally for the oily hair use almond oil which are light, amla oil and light hair oils. These are easy available in shops.

Warm up some coconut oil or olive oil. Massage your head gently. This increases blood circulation and boosts hair growth.

2. Steaming the hair:

You can buy a steamer which is designed specially for hair steaming or you can use the traditional way to steam the hair . You have to just create steam in it and steam your hair well for 10-12 minutes from root to tip. Be sure you cover all the oiled hair and scalp. This is very soothing and also increases the blood circulation in the scalp.

Traditional way to steam the hair:

This method is very easy and inexpensive. Boil some water. Dip a towel in it and squeeze it tightly. Drain it well and wrap it around hair. Let it be for 10-15 minutes. This helps in deep penetration of oil.Dip a towel in warm water and squeeze the excess water out. Wrap the towel around the hair. This allows the oil to penetrate deep into the scalp. Do this for about 5-6 minutes.

3. Wash your hair:

Now that you have oiled and steamed your hair you have to clean it. You can either clean it soon after or you can wait over night. Use only cold water as hot water is harmful to the hair roots.. Always know the right shampoo type for you. You can either use the natural ways to cleanse your hair or you can use shampoo.

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4. Apply conditioner:

Post the shampooing, use a conditioner. Hair conditioning is the way to help hair settle down and create a shine in hair. You can either use natural ways to condition hair like honey, hibiscus flower and leaves paste or powder or some beer for flashy hair. You can also use the water of tea leaves to which a few drops of lime juice has been added. Or try a paste of grated beetroot to which hibiscus powder has been added. The hibiscus flower powder is a great base and is rich in iron and other vitamins. Rinse it off after half an hour with just warm water and no shampoo.

5. Lastly, a hair mask:

The last step is crucial as it seals in the nourishment. Try making this mask at home. In a bowl, mix two eggs, honey and some coconut oil. You can add a ripe banana to this – banana is a hair softener. You can also use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse with a mild shampoo. The role of hair mask is important too. This step packs all the nourishment and pampering you has giving to your hair.

That’s it. You have successfully completed a home hair spa therapy at home in just 5 simple steps. We recommend repeating this process once a month to ensure healthy, soft & shiny hair.

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