5 Things A Player Never Says

Not everyone can be a player. If you want to be one, you ought to know the rules. Even though the rules by which players play may be different, but there is a fixed set of ideals they all follow. Players are connoisseurs in making conversations with all kinds of girls, knowing exactly what to say to impress her. Girls are drawn to players because they know what to say, when to say, how to say, and most importantly what not to say. Here are few words you must never utter in front of a girl, as a start to being a player.

I Love You

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That’s the first rule. A ladies’ man knows his business well. You may call it lack of commitment, but a player knows these three words can never result into something good. He never promises what he cannot deliver. They surely have a way to the woman’s heart but they do not require saying these words to get what they want.


Do Whatever You Want, I Don’t Care

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Only someone who has lost all interest in his woman can say this. A player obviously is always interested in his girl and that is how he scores over the rest. He understands a woman’s desire to express herself and be heard quite well and proves to be a good listener. Even though you mean it, never say it out loud.


That’s Really Expensive

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You may not be the richest guy around but you don’t want the world to know your bank balance (the lack of it, rather). It just makes you sound cheap. A better way to deal with a high-maintenance girlfriend or one of those situations when you’re running really low on cash, is to steer her away from that subject and take the conversation in another direction.


You Want To Do It?

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A player would never say something as cheap and crass as this. Whether she is ready to have sex or not, is for you to know, not ask. A player’s ability to sense and assess her readiness is why he is the way he is. Never ask a woman if she wants to do it. Seduce her with your charm. Such questions are beneath you.


I Don’t Have A Condom

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How exactly do you call yourself a player if you set out sans a condom? You must always be prepared for you never know where it’s going to happen – could be the elevator or the bathroom. And even if you do end up in such a situation, you must never risk doing it without a condom. A player is as considerate for the woman’s well-being as he is charming.

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