How to Attract a Capricorn Woman

Want to know how to attract a Capricorn woman? A good way to initiate conversation with a Capricorn is to ask their advice on some practical matter.

Personality of Capricorn woman

Capricorn women want to succeed. Whether it’s in a career or as a homemaker they typically don’t do things by halves. Goals and a practical viewpoint often characterize this lady. Outwardly reserved the Capricorn woman is a complex bundle of practicality, endearing modesty and self discipline in selected areas, often reserving her fun and sexy wild side exclusively for those who are very close to her.

Down to earth, self motivated, patient and responsible. Capricorn women are generally among the harder signs to understand, with a number of personality traits which often confuse partners in the early stages of a relationship.

While the Capricorn woman is as romantic and emotional as anyone else, she can be somewhat inhibited in expressing her emotions, often preferring to perform practical tasks to help loved ones in preference to making purely romantic gestures. She is very cautious by nature, and not one to rush into anything, so don’t be misled if her interest appears mainly platonic initially.

What Does Capricorn Woman Not Like In A Man?

She is choosy when it comes to choosing a partner. She will take a lot of time to commit to a relationship because she has to be absolutely sure. There are a few traits that she will strongly dislike:

  • Gambling and any type of waste of money – this woman will start saving money from her early childhood. She has an innate need for security and she feels that money will give her that to a large extent. She strongly dislikes any type of unnecessary expenses and if she finds that you do not respect money, she will steer clear of you.
  • Dreamers – if you are a dreamer friend, she will support you 100%. However, she will never choose a dreamer as a life partner because it makes her feel insecure. She cannot accept anything that makes her feel vulnerable and going through life without a well-thought plan does that to her.
  • Narrow mindedness – this woman is fair and though she might not follow or understand certain points of view, she strongly believes that every person has the right to live their lives on their own terms. She finds fundamentalist and narrow minded people hard to tolerate.
  • Frivolity – the Capricorn expects everyone to be responsible for their actions. She would assume accountability for her action from a very young age. She cannot tolerate any signs of frivolity and irresponsibility in a man. For her, a man should be the epitome of strength is all aspects of life, i.e. character, integrity, love, accountability, etc.
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How To Seduce Capricorn Woman: 5 Foolproof Tips

Seducing Capricorn usually takes a little patience, and a healthy dose of ambition and practicality. They are attracted to stability and emotional maturity, and like ambitious and hard working people. If you’re successful and powerful, or at least working towards it, then you’ll have a big advantage. For these reasons, this is a sign which often prefers slightly older and more established lovers.

1. Emphasize goals that align with hers

Your ability to attract a Capricorn woman will depend largely on whether you represent the tradition to which she feels an allegiance, whether that tradition relates to artistic ideals, or religious and ethnic background.

You should also have clear goals which harmonize with her ambitious plans. If you do not have the wealth or position to enable her to advance, you should at least be willing to work as hard as she does. Also, if she participates in a highly competitive field such as performing or sports, she will need someone willing to be her cheering section.

2. Understand her priorities

Your Capricorn woman’s age, income and maturity level will determine her relationship priorities. An immature young Capricorn woman without family wealth may seek and be attracted to an older spouse whose wealth and position will help her achieve prominence.

An older but still unevolved Capricorn woman of means may select a mate based solely on physical looks. This tendency toward materialism is one of the things Capricorns have to outgrow. An emotionally mature Capricorn of any age will be attracted to a partner who appreciates her intelligence, supports her goals and matches her level of physical attractiveness and energy.

3. Practical in words and action

Dress conservative but elegant. She would not appreciate someone who blows a small fortune on designer clothes just because these are in fashion. She’d rather have you dress conservatively, in clothes that bring the best out in you without blowing a hole in the bank.

4. Be a sophisticated flirt

In terms of flirting tactics, ignore all the usual rules when trying to attract a Capricorn woman. Don’t be overly familiar, don’t make flippant or risqué comments, and steer clear of anything at all controversial until you know her reasonably well. Emotionally reserved and easily embarrassed, Capricorn women hate being ridiculed, teased or made fun of and – at least initially – prefer to keep things on a fairly formal note. When chatting up a Capricorn girl, avoid superficial topics and focus instead on more serious stuff like work and money. Showing off your knowledge of heavyweight subjects – politics, for example, or the state of the global economy – is an excellent way to impress her. To seduce a Capricorn woman, first flirt with her intellectually. The physical stuff will follow on in due course.

5. Once committed, it is 100%

Once a Capricorn woman chooses you as her mate, she will be very loyal. She will not idealize you or look at you through rose-colored glasses, but she will give you encouragement and support. Since she has a large share of ambition herself, she will understand and respect periods when you become wrapped up in work.

The perfect relationship with a Capricorn woman is one with a combination of love, security, and the golden touch of success. Add a dash of unpredictability to keep things exciting, and you have a winning partnership that will go the distance.

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