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We spend a fortune taking care of our skin but often miss out on giving our lips that much-needed TLC. So if you’ve been finding your lips losing colour or notice them being chapped and dehydrated, here’s what you must do…

Deep cleanlips care 2

The words deep clean are usually restricted to skin but you may not be aware that your lips too have been asking for an exfoliant for a while. After all, it is extremely necessary to exfoliate your lips so you can get rid of all the dead skin over them. Just take a tooth brush with some petroleum jelly on it and rub gently against your lips. Baby soft lips, here we come!
No licking your lipslips care 1

You may know this but licking or biting your lips are the worst things you can do to them. That’s because your saliva contains digestive enzymes that erode the thin layers of the skin and make it all the more exposed to dry air. So if you’ve been doing this, stop it now!

Apply lipstick after moisturizinglips care

We’re usually so excited to colour our pouts that we end up applying lipstick directly on our lips. But the ingredients in your lipstick might make the lips rather dry when applied directly. Hence, it is advisable to moisturise your lips with a lip balm from the Vaseline Lip Therapy Range and then apply your lipstick over it. This will ensure that your lips are well moisturized even when you’re using a matte lip shade.

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