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10 Things Stylish Women Do Every Day

We’ve all seen them: the women that looks perfectly put together every day. You might look at her and think to yourself, “I could never pull that off.”
Think again!

If you don’t see those women running around with week-old coffee stains on their blouses or hobbling in painful heels, it’s not because those things just don’t happen to them. It’s because they know how to deal.

In fact, they’re dealing on a daily basis. Truth is, the fashionable friends you envy have some very helpful habits that make looking polished, confident, and cool a daily reality. It’s not about a total wardrobe overhaul or dropping tons of cash on the season’s biggest trends. Real style starts at home the moment you wake up.

Below are 10 of their best tips for the stylish look. Follow one, two, or all 10 and you, too, can become the woman on the street with elegant style.

1. They plan their outfits in advance.

This doesn’t mean hours and hours need to be spent deciding on the perfect accessories to go to the beach.  It does mean spending five minutes the night before thinking about what you will pull together to start the day right tomorrow.

2. They have an organised wardrobe.

Stylish women cull their wardrobes at the beginning of every summer and winter, and they’re ruthless.  Taking three hours out of your life the beginning of every season, can save you tonnes of time AND money going forward.  Putting your clothes away in drawers and on hangers at the end of every day keeps a wardrobe more accessible, and easy to look at.

3. They dress for the weather


It sounds simple enough, but dressing sensibly goes a long way in the style department. Check the weather before you leave the house to avoid being that girl trudging through the snow in her flats or dodging puddles in your wide-leg flares.

4. Their clothes fit correctly.

For lots of us our weight fluctuates.  Learn how your clothes should fit and stick to it – if you put on a little weight, don’t try to squeeze into your jeans that are too snug, or put on a jacket thats pulling across your back.  Similarly if you loose weight, don’t wear that blazer that’s swimming on you.

5. They allow enough time to get ready each morning

This goes hand in hand with readying your outfit at bedtime. Instead of waking up three snooze alarms later, take the morning to prep your outfit and fix your hair. Not only will it save you from running out of the house with a button unfastened or mismatched shoes, but it’ll also give you a few extra minutes to add a belt or a special piece of jewelry to polish off the look.

6. They shop everywhere


You might think that a well-dressed woman is only wearing designer labels, but that’s usually not the case… unless she’s a celebrity. Otherwise, the stylish women you see on the streets often piece together outfits from all kinds of places: department stores, discount retailers, chain stores at the mall, vintage and consignment shops, and, yes, of course, designer boutiques. Don’t limit yourself to the latter if you want the same effortless style!

7. They wear the right undies!

FInd the right bra and undies for every outfit.  Basically you should have in black and nude: a strapless bra, a comfortable bra that fits you perfectly, a spaghetti strap slip, and seamless knickers.  Make sure you get your bra fitted correctly, and update them when they loose elasticity.

8. They don’t overdo it

Fashionistas have an enviable ability to layer accessories to spruce up any outfit, but proceed with caution: too many accessories can make your otherwise fashion-forward outfit look a bit forced. Avoid overdoing it by wearing a single statement piece, such as a bauble necklace or a brightly patterned scarf. Let hems, necklines and sleeve lengths decide which accessories best accentuate the outfit you’ve pulled.

9. They pick the perfect accessory

When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on. There is a point at which it becomes just too much, and the chicest women know exactly what that point is. Ask yourself if you really need the scarf and the statement necklace? Often, the cut of your clothes — an exposed neckline or bare arms — is a great help in determining just what jewelry or accoutrements to pair with it.

10. They know all the rules

No one looks stylish hobbling down the street in too-high heels. A fashionable woman is also a smart woman — she stocks her closet with shoes that are as comfortable as they are sophisticated and knows when to pull out the stilettos or rely on a pair of pointed, polished flats.

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