11 Things Your Man Will Never Tell You But You Should Know Girls

We all know there are some things men will never tell you.

There’s a reason why women are known as the more communicative and emotional sex, and many men don’t know where to start when it comes to expressing themselves properly using words. Whilst there are undoubtedly some men out there who are good at speaking about their emotions, there are still some things a man will never tell you.

1. He just can’t read minds like you can

Call it what you like: feminine intuition, empathy or mind reading, men just don’t have that same ability. He’d love to be able to gauge your moods better, but he just can’t! So, don’t get upset when he can’t figure out what you want, instead, just plain and simple, tell him clearly what’s on your mind.

2. He wants you to spend more time with your friends

While women tend to think that men want to be away from them when they go out with their friends, just the opposite is true for men. He loves it when you go out with your girlfriends! Women have emotional needs that can really only be met by other women, and when you go shopping with your gal pals or get together for dinner and a night out on the town, you’re a much better girlfriend to him.

3. He craves respect, as much as he does love

Basically, most men are on one long ego trip! He wants your love and affection, but that’s as important to a man, as it is too a woman, what he needs is your respect and even admiration, so don’t forget to pat him on the back, when he does something right.

4. He wants you to wear less makeup

Although society teaches women that they shouldn’t even leave the house without makeup, it’s really only for their own benefit. Most guys prefer the way a woman looks without makeup, and would rather you wear less as opposed to more. But he’s not going to say so, because he knows that women and makeup is a pretty touchy subject.

5. He wishes that you’d appreciate his reliability

Men have different priorities in life, so when your man is one who always turns up on time, even for the things that he’d rather not be doing, he’d really like to be appreciated for it. A simple ‘thanks for coming shopping with me’ wouldn’t go amiss!

6. He is jealous of your Guy- Friends

Many men don’t like to show weakness, and for some guys, that includes signs of jealousy. If they show they’re jealous, they’re revealing their insecurity to you. Whilst some men can be overly jealous and possessive, there are others who won’t express how they feel. You might think he doesn’t care that you’re at the bar with your guy-friends every Friday night, but in reality, he could just be keeping the peace or afraid to bring the subject up.

7. You need to tell him if he’s doing it wrong in bed

A man assumes that all is going well for both of you in the bedroom, if you don’t tell him otherwise. After all, his technique always works for him! He would be devastated to find, that after years of being together, he’s been getting wrong all that time, so he won’t mind a little gentle guidance from you.

8. He wants you to make the first move

It may be tradition that the man leads the way in the bedroom, but he doesn’t necessarily want it to be that way. He loves it when you make the first move sometimes, however, he doesn’t want to offend you by asking.

9. Men love your femininity

Cuddly toys and pink pyjamas may not be his thing, but he loves you for it all the same. Don’t try and man up for him, it’s all your little girlie traits that he loves so much, your feminine charm and gentle spirit is what turns him on.

10. He doesn’t like it if you have too much to drink

It’s a fact. Men will laugh at a friend who has one too many and will think nothing of it, if they do it themselves, but nearly all men dislike seeing any woman drunk, especially you!

11. He wants more sex

Guys always want more sex. Always. He’s just not going to tell you because he doesn’t want you to feel forced into it. So just offer already!

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