11 Thoughts Every Man Has When He Meets The Right Girl

Sometimes there is no way to put these feelings into words. All you can do is smile and realize that this is how life was meant to be.

Few men are out there hunting the right girl. Most are all about quantity over quality, but eventually, even the worst kind of womanizer must fall. The average man reports that he met his Mrs. Right when he wasn’t even searching. There are some guys that are ready to settle down. Both types report similar feelings when they finally discover the girl of their dreams. How did they recognize her?

And how did they feel once they knew she was the One? We asked men these questions and got some pretty interesting answers. Proof that even heartbreakers have their sweet spot and can be tamed. In fact, the women that tamed them didn’t have to do much at all.


We wanted to share these finding in case there are some men to blissed out to realize the right girl is sitting directly in front of them.

1. Resist, Resist, Resist

Ok, this isn’t exactly what you want to hear but it is the first thought when he knows The One is right there! A man’s instinct is to be single, so when he knows this amazing girl will capture his heart, he has a brief moment of madness. He wants to resist the urge to snuggle up to her permanently . Usually this period of crazy will subside and he will be running to Jared’s. This does explain some of the odd, mixed signals you get from your man. He seems into you, but then not, what’s up? Have some patience and give him some time to get this out of his system. If you really are the girl for him, it won’t take him long to realize it. For some, this is a fear of rejection. Make it clear you are into him, but you aren’t the last lonely loser willing to wait forever.

2. She Is Getting More And More Beautiful

Most guys find a girl attractive at first but gradually lose interest over time. When he meets the right girl he tends to find her more and more beautiful every time he sees her. This feeling doesn’t fade and he just wants to keep looking at her. We all know some of this is because we are always working on looking more attractive, from what we wear, to how we smell. We notice things he likes and repeat. Some of this beauty growth can be explained by science. We become more attractive to men at different points in our cycle when we are most fertile. These facts are true but the real reason is simply love. All the beauty tricks in the world don’t work if he isn’t smitten. You can’t maintain fertility all month long either. A man in love begins to notice more and more features that make you beautiful vs a man in lust who isn’t paying that close of attention.

3. He is so glad that last relationship didn’t work out.

Not every relationship is meant to last, but the ones that don’t will teach and prepare us for the one that does. Oftentimes, we may be caught up in the moment, or a routine, or just be comfortable with someone who we know in our hearts isn’t right for us. Someone we cannot picture spending the rest of our lives with. Only the right woman helps a man realize what the wrong relationships were lacking.

4. He Knows About Her Baggage….And Still Wants To Keep Her

When you first start dating, nobody unloads their baggage. Either you get comfy with each other and spill the beans, or the volcano just starts erupting. The nudist uncle who owns your apartment drops by , your man-hating dog finally sneaks out of the bathroom and attacks, or he hangs around long enough to discover your inability to keep a job. Whatever the baggage, women are much more likely to overlook it. Men tend to back off. They have trouble managing their own baggage most days. The good news is, a man who is smitten is watching you through beer-goggles. He won’t mind your baggage and might even love you more for it. When a guy meets the right girl, he is happy to help her lug that baggage around. On occasion, he may even help you get rid of it. Men who are into games won’t waste time with your baggage and you are better off for it.

5. He Wants To Tell Her Everything

Guys are notoriously tight-lipped. Trying to learn about them can be tough, but when he finally discovers the right girl, that can change. In the presence of The One, a man will spill his guts. He will tell you all about his family, his dog, the two kids he fathered in college. Most guys are happy to just listen, though they probably aren’t listening at all. Silence isn’t always golden. If a guy doesn’t want to let you in, he probably isn’t that into you. It may take him a while, but if you are the right girl for him, he will start opening up.

6. He doesn’t want to change a thing about her”:

We have all known guys who wished to change something about us like our taste in clothes and anything else that should completely be our choice. With this guy so in love with the woman he thinks is right for her, it will not be like this; he will not want to change a single thing about her and would want to keep her the way she is because that was the girl he fell in love with. Her imperfections would be so perfect for him.

7. Is It Really Love?

When a guy first thinks he may be in love, it can be a little confusing for him. This is especially true if he isn’t usually one who falls. When he feels those first heart flutters, he usually begins to question it. Is it the real thing? Maybe he will run it by a mom, sister, or trusted girl-friend. It might sting a bit if you hear through the grape-vine that he is chatting about you behind your back, but don’t worry. It’s normal for someone newly in love to question their heart and need a little guidance. It would be awkward if he tried to talk to you about it so let him talk it out with whoever he needs. If the love is real, nothing will stop it. This is an exciting time for both parties and probably even for friends and family. Everyone loves a good love story!

8. He loves talking to her

With The Right One, he never has to experience awkward silences and he loves it. With all the other women he has been with, there was never really a lot of things to talk about but here, with both of you equally interested, the conversations never seem to bore him. In fact, he loves to talk to you because he loves the flow of it. He loves how easy you have made it for him to communicate without losing confidence. With The Right One, everything is a little more fun.


9. It’s All Fun, No Games

He wants to settle when it comes to being with the right woman. People tend to play games in relationships by dividing their attention and scoring other dates while they appear to be in a relationship with someone. Suddenly, for the guy who used to play games, all those affairs seem to be immature and meaningless and he does not want to play them anymore. All he wants from life, now, is spending it with her peacefully without any more games being played. A serious relationship is what he wants now.

10. She is one in a million

At this stage, he will have given it to her. Even if she is an average woman for the rest of the world, he will see her as the most amazing human being to ever exist; such is love. For him, she will stand out from other women and no other woman will ever be able to look or be as good as her.

11. She is a part of me

The thoughts of being away from her or being deceitful to her seem impossible to him now that he thinks of her as a part of him. The guy who ran away from love has found it in the most beautiful woman no matter what the world tells him. After having all these thoughts, he knows one thing for sure: she is his Mrs. Right and there is no denying that.

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