10 Corny Things Women Want Men To Do But Won’t Ever Say It

Studies have already shown that men are more romantic than women. Yet, every now and then, a guy will cringe if his girlfriend goes out on a mush fest with him. Obviously this doesn’t board too well with us because, hello, we’re women and we are all about the mush! Yes, it’s corny, cheesy and cringe-worthy to you. But it only ascertains just how far you’re willing to go to show that you care about us.

So next time you want to show us how you really feel about us, take some notes from the following list of overtly corny things that we women actually want you to do more often, without having to tell you. No, they have nothing to do with sex. But, if you do it right, you might just score some extra brownie points that could signify some action later.

1. Write A Lettercilkjc 1

Not on email, or text. On paper, with pen and then post it to your ladylove. Reading your texts, seeing your emails is great, and rather routine. But reading a letter you took the pain of writing to with all your messy handwriting is special. It shows that you took time out to really express your feelings and then went out of your way to make sure it gets to us. How romantic is that?

2. Calling Her Cute Instead of Sexycilkjc 2

Again, anyone can call a girl sexy, in fact, more often than not, that’s exactly what they do. Compliments like ‘Cute’ and ‘Beautiful’  have all but disappeared. Reignite the love of a time gone by. Tell her how beautiful she looks in that dress she bought specially for your date; or tell her how cute she is when she laughs with that silly snort when she finds something ridiculously hilarious. Don’t call her sexy. You’re much more than that. If she sees it, so can you.

3. Falling Asleep Togethercilkjc 3

Instead of the other alternate that starts with ‘F’. We like lying wrapped up in your arms, taking in the faint whiff of your scent with our heads buried in your chests. And then, one thing leads to another and we’re falling asleep together… Isn’t that better than the other thing, sometimes?

4. Kissing Where She Least Expects Itcilkjc 4

We mean the hands, or the forehead. Guys don’t do that anymore and we don’t quite know why. Even a vibrator can turn her on. But can it make her feel endless love? No, only you can—by kissing her hands to show how much you respect her needs and wants; and by kissing her forehead to let her know you’ve got her back!

5. Going the Distance To Make Small Talkcilkjc 5

Ever driven all the way just to see her face, or say the randomest of things because in that moment, it all seems like a matter of life and death to you? It makes her want to throw herself into your arms and hold you like the end of the world. What are you still waiting for? Grab your keys and get going already!

6. Silly Nicknames Only You’re Allowed to Givecilkjc 6

She can be your Boo; your Munchkin; your anything, really! Only you have the right to call her by those weird names. And she’ll answer to you with undivided attention and devotion. It’s true. It doesn’t matter how stupid it may sound. If it’s done out of love, it’s never stupid.

7. Recite A Poemcilkjc 7

Choose from a Shakespeare, a William Wordsworth, or a Pablo Neruda and mean every word you say. Yes, it means you have to score through various pages and words to make sure you find the one that best describes your relationship with her. Or better still, compose one all by yourself to make it more personal. Trust when I say, it’s worth it!

8. Subtle Displays of Affectioncilkjc 8

You know how you get those sudden urges to hold her hand, pull her closer or give her a small but lingering kiss no matter where you may be, but don’t act on it? We want you to. It makes us so weak in the knees, it’s actually embarrassing.

9. Singing To Hercilkjc 9

You don’t have to be a John—Mayer or Legend—to sing to her about the amazing way she makes you feel. Just your voice, in a song, dedicated to her, will make a woman feel like you are the best damned thing there ever was! Don’t believe? Try it!

10. Remembering And Planning Important Datescilkjc 10

Sure, it’s the stuff we women do better. But when you do it for us, it makes us feel like we’re not alone in this. It shows that you’re in this relationship just as much as we are and that you understand how important certain days and occasions are to us, just because you are a part of it.

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