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10 Essential Style Tips Every Men Must Know

Collect the right wardrobe elements, and your personal sense of style will take flight. You never know where you might land.

Between dressing up a host of celebrities and models and tipping my non-fashion male mates, I realized they all need help. Men don’t care about fashion, but they do wanna look good. So I decided to boil it down to the basics. It’s time someone did that. So here goes…

1. Accessorise Your Shirts


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Now the white classic shirt will never change but you certainly can give it your own special flare. Braces and bow ties are so cute and powerful for young men. In these images attention to detail is what has caught my eye. That is what you guys are all about. It is in your DNA attention to detail. Braces are easy to throw on and off and so are bow ties. But the key is to choose the ones that represent your personality. The reason is that when you’re noticed in public it gives an idea of who you are.

2. V Neck T-shirt


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They are cool and casual. Please get the fitting right, not too tight and too lose to make it look like something borrowed or stolen. It is extremely comfortable and when picked right, super versatile. But please don’t pick a tee with a deep plunge. It looks absolutely stupid.

3. Fragrance

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Your scent is as signature as your style. Tailor your look with the woody, aromatic fragrance of Dolce & Gabbana Intenso. The fresh and rich aroma exudes elegance and emotion, embodying the force of a determined, modern man.

4. Relaxed sweater


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A sweater is versatile and functional. It not only shields you from the cold but makes you look hot. They can be worn as is or incorporated with a number of ensembles to create different and voguish looks. They work well with casuals, formals, events and special occasions

5. Rolled Up shirts sleeves look smart and sexy


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It has undertones of formal wear with panache provided you roll them right. Don’t roll it up in a haphazard manner, like a joint. There is a difference between care a damn and careless.

6. Leather Shoes


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Leather or suede. They’re the uppers worth investing in. Break out from wearing dress shoes only with trousers. Your wingtips and brogues want to date around—and they’ll look great paired with distressed denim or chinos.

7. Distinctive Accessories


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Bracelets, watches, and necklaces are only as good as the quality of their materials. Look for brass, silver, leather, suede, or anything else you can feel proud of.

8. Wear a watch for style


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Watches are so subtle and so sneaky in enhancing your style quotient, like the shoemakers elves. When picked right and coordinated well they add character and depth to your look. Many people don’t know what they are buying,

9. Be confident

Be confident with what you have, what you wear and what you are! Eventually everything comes down to how confident you feel and how confident you appear to be.

10. Respect other’s sense of style

You might dress up and look dapper but you must respect others dressing styles even if you don’t admire.

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