Prostitution has obviously been a controversial topic in various parts of the world. In some countries, the practice might be legal, but it’s frowned upon by many individuals. Regardless, many women have turned to prostitution for a source of income, especially when they are in need of money.f74470b7-c550-40aa-af72-00834519d7e4-0-1

But in the last few years, the digital age has been quite creative on using prostitution online. There are really no limits when it comes to the Internet. Where else would you find women selling their v-cards to the highest bidder? This strange phenomenon has led to young women putting their own virginity up for auction.

Even high schoolers have attempted to make some money online by offering their body despite their lack of experience. Some of these ladies have good excuses on how selling their virginities can help solve money problems such as taking care of sick relatives or paying college bills. However, you might speculate if some other women are only putting their virginity up on the market for the fame, money and attention.

Even if prostitution is frowned upon or illegal in countries like the United States, this strange business practice has helped these ladies make a ton of money online. Find out how much money these women made with these very expensive virginities.

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