9 Out-of-the-box Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

So, Valentine’s is just around the corner, and we’re sure you’ve heard the usual already. There’s the neighbour picking up the stale gift idea of rose bouquets; the idiot next to you in class with has paid in advance for a lavish dinner; and even your friends are doing the usual: teddies, candy and candles! While we have nothing against any sort of date at all, it must be said, that if you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you must do it in style!

1. Do Touristy Thingsyihgh 9

One of the most fun things to do with your date on 14th Feb would be to pose as tourists for the day-in your own city! Don a couple of funny hats, a fanny pack and arm yourself with a couple of cameras-all for authenticity-and set out to explore the lesser-known climes of the city.

2. Take A Long Walk And Get To Know Each Other Betteryihgh 8

Don some comfortable clothes and set off to explore your city at your pace. Stop at random tea stalls, flea markets and ice cream parlours. As you pass by familiar sights, share stories and nostalgia. It’s a great way to know each other better!

3. Play Naughty Gamesyihgh 7

Set up a series of competitive games for you to try throughout the day-such as who can down the maximum pints of beer within five minutes, or the most Rum and Cokes! Introduce dirty board games also into the mix-such as dice with sexual acts printed on them (while one dice sports verbs such as “kiss”, lick”, “nibble”, another dice has body parts such as “lips”, “neck”, etc.): roll on them to see who gets to do what to the other! Remember that no matter what game you play, however innocent or dirty, it must end with one partner satisfying the other!

4. Dabble In A Little Paint Ballyihgh 6

Go totally nuts with your date, and have fun squealing and splashing paint at each other like children! If you’re in the mood to make it kinky, step into the shower together and don’t step out till the water’s running clean!

5. Go Ice Skatingyihgh 5

Many a date has been made on the slippery slopes of the ice skating rink. Have fun racing around with her on the ice; if neither of you is that great, laugh uncontrollably as you chase each other or fall on the floor! Be sure to be right beside her all the way, however, and help her up. There will hardly be a moment she doesn’t want to cruise right beside you through the entire thing!

6. Rent A Bikeyihgh 4

Recreate nostalgia, or create a whole new memorable date by renting out bicycles for you and your girlfriend. Ditch the car and the traffic for a day. Traverse roads with very little traffic, small lanes and by-lanes, and feel as if you were part of an Enid Blyton adventure. You could also pack along a typical picnic-of salami and cheese sandwiches -and sit down at a quiet spot to enjoy them together!

7. A Garden Dinner Dateyihgh 3

Remember that heart-warming scene in the ‘Dostana’, where John Abraham creates every woman’s ideal date. Zone in on a backyard you could use (we always have that one friend with a garden) and set up a projector at one end, with lots of cushions, blankets and comfort food on the other. Then invite her to this very special open theatre and play only her favourite movies all night; whether it’s Casablanca, DDLJ or Harry Potter, make sure you’re well stocked to give her the experience of a lifetime!

8. Go On A Brewery Tour Or Wine Tastingyihgh 2

This is, of course, something you will have to have planned slightly in advance-but hopefully if you’re planning to make V-Day a big one, you’re already there! Book a tour to any of the vineyards near and about the city-make a day of it if it’s slightly far out. If there aren’t any real live vineyards, book a wine tasting session instead and make it totally classy. Make sure to follow it up later, however, with something completely kiddish-like ice-cream at a store with lots of toppings! Women love a guy who mixes it up!

9. Spa Night

This is a killer date idea that’s totally free. Raid your kitchen for supplies to make DIY face masks or bring out your nail kit for an at-home manicure/pedicure. Watch your favorite rom com and take selfieswhile you wait for the masks to dry.

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