10 Problems Only Girls With Thick Hair Understand

Ah, thick hair. All you ladies with an abundance of hair have probably received countless compliments on your luscious locks and more than a few looks of envy. Little do people know that with thick hair comes great responsibility (and sacrifice). We’re here to tell you that we know your struggle is real. Take a look at the problems only thick-haired gals could understand.

1. You’ve snapped so many hair ties over the years, you created a graveyard of sorts in your bedroom as a memoriam to all those lost elastic souls.

2. You’ve stopped getting attached to brushes or combs, as they are often no match to the incredible force that is your hair.

3. Bobby pins enter your hair as pins and exit as horseshoes. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

4. Blowdryers don’t cut it. Hand me that leaf blower, please.

5. You shed like a Golden Retriever.

6. Your hair is Mount Everest to any and all hairstylists, as it is something that needs to be conquered.

7. Your hair is the Bermuda Triangle for all hair accessories. Heck, just the other day you found a butterfly clip while you were brushing through it … from the 8th grade.

8. Even the tightest top knot ends up looking like a jumbo cinnamon roll on the top of your head.

9. Humidity has been your arch nemesis since birth. A nemesis that always wins.

10. You have a love/hate relationship with ponytails. While they bring such simple, carefree joy, within minutes, they also bring headaches.


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