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10 Revealing Signs to Know If A Woman Is Good In Bed

Curious about her sexual style?

Sometimes, based on certain observations, you can just tell if a woman will be good in bed. Or, more accurately, good in bed with you. You may not always be right, but like so many of The Player’s techniques, observing her body language and sexual signals closely will help you at least improve your odds of getting what you’re looking for — a good time.

Ever wonder what a girl will be like in bed before you’ve slept with her? Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to tell.

1. She is a good kisser

The way she kisses says a lot about how she makes love. It’s not just using the lips; it’s using the entire body. If she uses her hands on you and presses her breasts into you and moans and groans, she’s going to be a great lover. The best female lovers also create sexual anticipation. They start with baby kisses, and then maybe lick your top lip and suck your bottom lip, and as they’re doing that, they play with your hair, or put your hands on them.

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2. She has good communication skills

She matches your level of conversation and tries to understand where you’re coming from. No two people are a like and usually in finding a partner people have to make early sacrifices in the area of listening and conversing in areas that they are not typically accustomed to. Some people will appear bored, others will point blank change the subject but the one that will blow your mind in the bedroom will typically take it all in her stride, seem genuinely interested and maybe pick up some new info on a new topic. This works both ways so you’ll have to be of a similar mind frame when conversing about her interests.

3. She’s a good dancer

If a girl has rhythm on the dance floor, chances are she have rhythm in the bedroom too. This doesn’t mean the girl needs to be able to move like Beyoncé to do the job right. Sex has been compared countless times to dancing; the way a woman moves to the music shows you a preview to how she will move with you. Next time you are at a club, notice the way a woman sways her hips to the music and winds her body to the beat. I promise the women who feels the music is most likely to know what she is doing when it comes to feeling you.

4. She wants to try new things

There is a slight adrenaline rush that goes along with having sex. We don’t mean that she should be a skydiver, but she should be willing to take safe risks now and then: like surprising you with flowers, a weekend getaway, or even changing up their career. Let me put it this way, if a girl is afraid to try a new restaurant, chances are she won’t be up to trying any new sex positions.

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5. She know how to savour a moment

Sex is something to be enjoyed, not rushed through. If someone new you’re dating takes the time to enjoy life’s moments, even if it’s watching a movie with you, she’ll appreciate hanging out in the bedroom and working hard to make sure it’s just right.

6. She has good sense of humor

A sense of humor is huge when it comes to sex. Sex is not like what you see in the movies. Sometimes sex is sensual and loving and other times it is more like an animalistic act. However, the best lovers are those who have fun during sex. It is proven that if two people laugh a lot with one another the sex will be that much better. People don’t realize that laughter is an act that triggers emotion. Having a good sense of humor is an extremely attractive quality in both men and women. There is nothing fun or sexy about a boring girl with no personality, no matter how good she looks.

7. She is passionate about fitness

Well, it doesn’t mean that she needs to be a gym freak to be a good lay and its nothing to do with her weight either, but everything to do with flexibility and cardio. She could be skinny but have the worst flexibility. However, if she is active, then, there’s a good chance she is great in bed. Sex is like working out, therefore, if you don’t train your body, there’s no way you will be good in bed. And there is something really hot about a woman who wants to take care of herself and feel as healthy as possible. It shows that she pays attention to what her body needs, and this level of attention will probably transfer over to the bedroom when you’re both busy getting freaky.

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8. She has taste in eating

Take note of how she handles her food. Watch how she uses her fork. Does she enjoy things? Is she sensuous? Is she poky and grabby?. If someone eats slowly, it’s likely that they like to make love for a long time. I’m one of the slowest eaters I know.

9. She flirts like a pro

Girls, who are good in bed, will typically know all the extra foreplay ideas that will get you thrilled and excited. In case your girl doesn’t know how to flirt, then she is definitely not good in bed. Flirting is one of the easiest ways to spark up emotions and sexual feelings, with the right kind of words, you could almost expect to have a feel of how the bedroom encounter will be. But if she sucks at flirting, she will definitely suck in the bedroom. Flirting is a part of foreplay, and we all know how sex feels without foreplay.

10. She knows what she wants and isn’t shy about it

Another one of the many signs she will be good in bed is confidence. If she is willing to take a lead some of the time and can think for herself, this is a good sign. A ‘versatile’ lady will have an idea on where she would want to go on a date, what she would want to eat, and what position she would like, and she won’t be afraid to tell you about it. Confidence in the bar or party will typically translate into confidence in bed

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