10 Secrets About Men Most Women Don’t Know

The stereotypical role of men as fearless protectors and daredevils is solidly established and in no way suggests that women lack courage. Many women perform acts of great bravery. But while men deal readily with dangerous threats, other fears rattle us to the core in our intimate relationships. The fears that keep us up at night. The fears that can paralyze us when confronting tough choices.

Today we will tell you about few things that actually worry most men:

1. What their body looks like

From a very young age, women are taught to think their body should be ideal all the time. They think they should work out constantly and follow a diet. There are no such stereotypes about men, but this doesn’t mean they don’t worry about their physical shape or compare it with well-built men in magazines. Otherwise, why would men spend so much time in the gym? Their worst fear is somebody mentioning their beer belly.

2. Money

Money is one of the most popular reasons why men worry. They are brought up as future breadwinners. A man might even not have a girlfriend, but they worry about their financial situation anyway because they think that the most necessary thing for a relationship is money. However, care and attention are much more important for women. If we are wrong, and what really matters for a girl is money, then she is not worth your time.

3. Height

How can a man not worry if one of the main features of “an ideal man” is being tall? If women cared about height less, then guys who are not that tall would have more chances. Size doesn’t matter if it’s not about the size of his heart.

4. Other men can be a threat

Men’s jealousy is not usually as obvious as women’s, however, it hurts their self-esteem just as much. Your partner might show no signs of being worried when you tell him about a male colleague with a wonderful sense of humor. But you should know this: he worries a lot, and he compares himself with a potential competitor. To wipe out his fear, you should talk to him honestly and explain that there is absolutely no threat

5. Little experience in relationships

The image of a macho man is every man’s worst nightmare because it makes them try to look like experienced lovers and lie about the number of ex-girlfriends they had. In fact, they are just as afraid of doing something wrong as women are. Support and honesty in all things about your relationship will help you feel more confident.

6. Hair

Hair on the body and the head is always a problem for men. A little amount of hair on the body — what if it doesn’t look macho enough? Too much hair — is it too scary or too messy? And being bald is often the worst thing that can happen. You might make things worse by mentioning these problems to your partner.

7. Diet

“I’m on a diet.” Men hear these words from women very often. But if a man mentions a diet, it might sound strange. However, men also care about their bodies and about the foods they eat. Everyone wants to be healthy and in good shape. It’s just that men talk about this way less often.

8. Their relationship with their girlfriend

How many articles have been written in women’s magazines about saving relationships? However, if men start discussing this, women might think it’s strange. Of course, men are “brutal,” so they shouldn’t worry about little things like relationships, right? But men also want everything to be okay, so let them worry.

9. How many partners a girl had before him

If a woman had more partners than a man before they met, then the man will have to compete with them. Besides, your partner might also worry about being less experienced than you. The most important thing is to explain to him that the past is in the past, and there is nothing to worry about.

10. Open expression of emotions

“Don’t cry! You are a man!” This is what men always heard as children. Their parents wanted to make them strong and able to protect their families, but we think that’s not such a good idea. They are scared of looking weak, of showing their true emotions. Don’t add fuel to the fire, and don’t talk about how a man is SUPPOSED to handle difficulties. He owes nothing to anyone.

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