10 Unique Qualities Every Women Loves In A Man

Marriage or partnership is a stage of life that we will all get to one day. Success comes to your marriage or partnership only if both parties try and compromise. It is not only the lady that needs to keep the man happy and satisfied. He also needs to put some effort into the relationship. Attraction is a tricky beast, and one that’s entirely relative. There are certain things that draw us to other people. Maybe it’s their looks, maybe it’s their confidence, or maybe it’s… well, their incredible bodies. Every girl is looking for the prince charming of her life and when she is in the relationship, she wants someone who would act in certain ways.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of ten qualities that every women should seek out before settling on a partner.

1. A Sense of Humor

Funny guys are the most popular amongst girls. Who doesn’t like a guy who can lighten up the mood a little? If you can make her laugh, half the battle is won. But the trick is to not try too hard. Girls love men who are effortlessly funny, who can make people laugh at the nastiest of jokes without coming across as insensitive pricks, and more importantly, those who can laugh at themselves as easily they do at others. A person that can make you laugh—or at least help you see the bright side during tough times or tense situations—is someone you want.

2. Passion

Whether his passion is health and fitness, traveling, music, a sports team, cars, a career or something as kooky as collecting beer bottles from other countries, passionate people are endearing. Their features light up; there’s a twinkle in their eyes and an infectious smile painted on their faces when they engage in conversation about their passions.

3. Kindness and Warmth

Although women may be attracted to jerks from time to time, they ultimately deserve to settle down with someone who treats you well. As a general rule, nice people are attracted to other nice people. Someone who’s kind to strangers, welcoming to new friends, engaging in conversation, and non-judgmental has a sort of warmth that’s infectious.

4. Being Supportive

We all have seen many men that do nothing but underestimate ladies. We are living in the 21st century and right now, more than ever, we know how important women are in the society. Marilyn Monroe says “I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” That is pretty much the same thing with all ladies. They need to have someone in their lives who are supportive no matter what.

5. Intelligence

Being intelligent doesn’t mean you have to top the university. But dumb men are the biggest turn offs. Women are extremely fascinated with men who always have something substantial to contribute to a conversation. It is always interesting to listen to a man talk of his experiences in all the countries, cities and towns he has been to and all that he saw there. It’s true, you can never run out of interesting conversations with intelligent people. And, that’s precisely why girls dig intelligent men.

6. Confidence

Confidence is key. We’ve heard this cliché time and time again, but it still rings profoundly true. A confident man really makes women go weak in the knees. There’s something they find very attractive about a man who’s certain and unapologetic about who he is and what he wants. A woman would always prefer a man who has the courage to walk up to her and tell her he’s interested than a boy who’s too scared to even look her in the eyes.

7. Respect

Honestly, this is a no brainer. If he’s a real man at all he’s going to demonstrate his respect for you in every interaction he has with you. That means never belittling you. It means never putting you down or making you feel small. It means thinking about your feelings before he says or does something – and if he fails at doing that, recognizing it and apologizing for his mistake. Respect isn’t a gift, it’s not a special effort – it’s basic human decency. It’s your right to demand to be treated with respect. If he doesn’t it’s time to move on.

8. Compromise

We have already mentioned this so many times. Whenever you talk to someone that has been in a serious relationship for a long time, the first thing they always tell you is that marriage needs compromise. It takes two to tango. If you think of whatever you are doing for your partner as sacrifices then that is not a right relationship. A relationship is given and take and compromise in vital.

9. Well Groomed

Yes, it is really important. Even an ‘out of bed’ or ‘scruffy beard’ look needs some basic grooming. A person who only not keeps himself clean but also takes pride in the cleanliness of his spaces is a definite non-negotiable for most women. We’ve all seen it—the stereotypical bachelor with the mattress on the floor, clothes in a haphazard pile, empty beer bottles and a half-eaten pizza littering the coffee table—and we all fear it. A person that keeps their apartment, or car, or desk somewhat tidy shows that they takes pride in the things they’ve worked for, and takes care of them. We bet they will take pretty good care of you as well.

10. Affection

Excessive PDA is so ninth grade, but a partner who isn’t afraid to show a little affection in public is definitely not a bad thing. A person who isn’t afraid to hold your hand, kiss or touch you in public is highly attractive, and also goes a long way to making you feel special. Who wants a cold fish?

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