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11 Impressive Tips on How to Increase Physical Intimacy With Your Partner

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In the first few months of a relationship, and sometimes up to a couple of years, relationships can seem easy. Loving behaviors are second nature, passion is abundant, and intimacy is the fuel that keeps the fire burning hot. Due to the craziness in our everyday lives, most times we are so busy that we lose touch with ourselves and sadly, with our better half too, and that’s why, it’s always best to know a few very efficient tips on how to increase intimacy in your relationship.

There are so many different ways to learn how to increase intimacy in your relationship without sacrificing too much of your time.

1. Communication is the key.

One of the most important things you should do if you want to increase the intimacy in your relationship is to work on improving the communication with your partner. Be a better listener, learn how to communicate what you need, ask for help or just learn how to express things in a way your partner will actually hear.

2. Engage in activities that encourage physical closeness.

If you’re not sure of how to begin your physical relationship with you partner, start small. Doing something that requires both of you to be physically close to each other is a perfect way to ease in to the habit of being physically affectionate with your partner and can even be a “launching pad” for other physical activities. Try snuggling up together for a movie, riding a roller coaster together, riding a motorcycle, swimming together, or jet ski, or anything else that requires two people to cozy up to each other. Even simply sitting so that the side of your leg is touching your partner is more affectionate than not doing so. Everyone has to start somewhere!

3. Build your trust together.

Struggling with trust in a relationship can lead to conflicts and insecurities, especially if you don’t feel like you can be physically and emotionally open with your partner. Prioritize honesty in your relationship. Practice saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Show that you can be there for your partner and notice that they can be there for you, too. Respect each other’s boundaries physically, emotionally, and socially. For example, if your partner values privacy, don’t share intimate details of your relationship with people who know them.

4. Cherish cuddling.

When you’re comfortable being in each others’ personal bubbles, you and your partner will probably naturally begin to cuddle or snuggle. Lounging as you embrace your significant other is a great, highly underrated way to relax with your partner as you strengthen the physical bond between you.

5. Get to know each other better.

Even though you’ve been together for a long time, I’m sure that there’s still something new you can learn about your partner every day. Make some time every now and then and talk to your significant other about your dreams, goals and aspirations, about your childhood or even about the things you worry or about your successes. This will strengthen that special bond that you two share and it will increase the intimacy in your relationship.

6. Kiss as a display of passion.

This is it – the big moment! Kissing your significant other is a big step up from hand-holding and cuddling. It’s a way of showing that you really care for and desire him or her, so your kisses should have feeling behind them. Ideally, the first time you kiss your significant other, you should be so filled with longing that’s hard not to do it. Of course, it’s pretty unrealistic to assume that every couple is going to have a perfect first kiss, or, in fact, perfect kisses most of the time, so don’t put too much stock in any one kiss. Rather treat kisses as the fun, mutually enjoyable, but serious displays of affection that they are.

7. Be playful!

The prospect of engaging in physical intimacy with your significant other shouldn’t be intimidating – if it is, you may need to have a frank discussion with him about your intimacy issues. Physical intimacy should be an opportunity not only to display your affection for your partner, but also simply to have a good time with him or her, so consider keeping your shows of affection light and playful. “Teasing” your partner is a sure-fire way to lighten the mood – try playful tickling while you cuddle or withholding kisses during a makeout session. As long as teasing is done in good humor and with consideration for frustration or hurt feelings on your partner’s part, it’s a great way to infuse any act of physical intimacy with playful passion.

8. Get involve in each other’s passion.

Try new hobbies and get involved in your partner’s passions. If your partner likes fishing or running and you don’t, just give it a try, you may discover that you actually enjoy doing that thing when you’re with them. Share some passions and activities with your significant other since this will bring you closer together, increasing the intimacy in your relationship.

9. Make time for romance.

Sex is like any other skill or hobby – devoting time and effort to it can make it much, much better. You may want to try using “traditional” romantic gestures – for instance, lighting aromatic candles, sharing a glass or two of wine, and having a close, affectionate talk on the couch, basking in the intimacy of the moment. Or, you may want to try something a little more off-beat that fits the two of you as a couple. It’s up to you. Remember that, whatever you choose to do, all the scene-setting will lead up to a rewarding and enjoyable shared moment of love.

10. Go to bed together.

This seems obvious, but with the demands of work, many couples don’t have the opportunity to go to bed at the same time. Going to bed together isn’t just a chance to have sex, it’s an opportunity to confide in your significant other, building the intimate bond between the two of you. Many of a couple’s most honest, candid conversations happen in bed, as it’s one part of the day where it’s virtually guaranteed that no one else is around. Giving up this special time means giving up a great chance for physical and emotional intimacy.

11. Spend plenty of time on foreplay.

Teasing, kissing, heavy petting, and other foreplay techniques can be incredible tools for increasing the satisfaction that both partners achieve from sex. This is also an excellent way to discover what each partner likes, as most people are more sexually open when they’re “in the mood”. Don’t rush things – take your time so that you can truly enjoy each moment.

To increase the intimacy in your relationship, you should be affectionate more often, you should spend more quality time with your loved one, you should make your partner feel noticed by paying them compliments and you should be willing to learn from each other.

Do you know any other ways to increase intimacy with your partner? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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