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11 Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do At Least Once In a Lifetime

Being in a relationship with someone is like having a constant partner in crime – so you don’t do stupid things alone! It’s like going on a crazy ride, only with your favourite person. At least that’s how we would like to look at it, eternal optimists that we are. There are things you must try in your relationship, at least once. Not spending time with each can really hamper a relationship for long term and can lead to unfaithfulness. If you want to keep the spark up one should really put efforts and do out of the box things to keep the relationship up. From little things to holidays, these lovey dovey intimate things will help you rekindle your dying relationship for sure!

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1. Take a shower together

Shower time is no doubt ‘Me’ time, by entering their ‘me’ time you will be able to get closer to them. Taking a shower with your partner proves how much comfortable you are with them. Also, it will save time & water!

2. Cook a meal together

Enjoy the process of planning a meal and cooking it together. It takes cooperation and communication. Both of you share the labor and also the fruits of it. Share your family stories while you cook. If you want to spice things up a bit, you could try cooking naked—by wearing just aprons with nothing else underneath.

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3. Shop for lingerie together

Who doesn’t love presents? Surprise your partner with a new pair of undies today. You don’t even have to go to an actual store. Shop online! You’ll be surprised by the huge range of choices. But before that, ask your partner what he or she likes—the colors, the designs, the brands, etc.—so you won’t have too difficult a time deciding what to purchase. You could also try something extra kinky like lacy tops, thongs or certain sexy accessories

4. Go on a road trip

Traveling, no doubt, can leave one with rich experiences but this is amplified to a great deal when you ditch the comfort of a five star and live out of your bag not knowing what to expect the next day. The hardship, test of endurance and can unusual circumstances that push you out of your comfort zone can bring out the best and worst in both of you.

5. A game of footsie

You might have seen it in countless movies and TV shows. It is one of those cute moments when the heroine and the hero let their feet meet and cook up some excitement under the dining table. So, now it is your turn to try this game out. You can play it either when you two are alone or sitting at the dinner table with the entire family.

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6. Help each other shave

This requires a great amount of trust, but it can help to build trust between two people, too. Let your partner teach you if you don’t already know. Not to mention it works like crackers for your relationship. Ladies, you can help your man with his daily morning routine while he can occasionally take care of those beautiful legs for you. Well ladies, if you are not into shaving, then he can give you a foot massage. Be patient with each other.

7. Write erotic texts for each other

Move over, sexting! Erotic writing could be the next big thing for couples in love. Seeing how the Fifty Shades Of Grey series has become such a bestseller worldwide, it comes to us as no surprise how personal erotic writings could be a good way of communicating to your partner in a subtle but still sexy manner. Reveal to each other your secret fantasies and yearnings. This could work really well for couples who are in a long distance relationship. Use secret pet names for each other. Be unreserved with your imagination.

8. Food for love

There are tons of ways to add food in to your fantasies. Peaches, bananas, grapes, apples and the King of fruit passion- strawberries, they can all make things more “interesting” for you in bed. Just be sure to keep some towels ready beforehand in order to keep the sheets from getting dirty. If food is not something that will enhance the excitement, then we are sure an ice cube will do the deed too. Just try it out- take an ice cube and give your partner a cool and intimate massage, tonight.

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9. Take a class together

Love to learn a new language or salsa gives you a mood lift? Take a class together to discover a new side to your partner. Beyond a certain time span, the most successful couples are the ones that start sharing their hopes, dreams, goals and even hobbies. Based on this observation, we would suggest you sign up for a class together. Always been super-scared of the water? Learn swimming with him! Want to do something less athletic? Join a music class. Not only will this bring you guys closer, it will give you a new skill, which as you already know is a lifelong asset!

10. Watch porn together

Don’t be shy about it! Use porn to teach each other what you’d like to have done to you, and what you’ll like to do to your partner. It’s a chance to get to know more about each other’s secret fantasies and previously unknown preferences or fetishes. Also, you don’t need to go to the book store for a copy of the Kama Sutra now.

11. Have sex in a public place

It could be in a secluded corner in a park, in your own backyard, or anywhere where you won’t get caught easily. Make it a shared adventure, but do be smart about it. This could either be the most exciting thing ever, or the worst disaster!

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Intimacy is not just about making love; it is the build-up of anticipation, the rush of exhilaration and an outburst of excitement. Intimacy strengthens the threads of a relationship, helps to establish communication and lays the foundation for a happy journey together. But then again, intimacy should be something beyond just holding hands, giving a hug and cuddling up, right?

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