The would like for longevity is without doubt one in every of the foremost common amongst individuals. however we will attain, not solely long lasting, however at constant time consummated life, till the terribly end? The authors of magazine “Prevention” are attempting to come back up with answers to the present question, that answers ar generalized down below.

#1 Quitting smoking habits

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Quitting smoking and alcoholic abuse will greatly extend your life and it’s verified to try to to therefore. And at the expense of saving cash, you’ll be able to wire your brain and kick the habit, to be ready to begin to concentrate on what really matters on life.

#2 Red Wine


Experts have long argued that the prudent use of vino (100-200 milliliter per day) is helpful for correct operation of our vascular system. the most factor is to drink prime quality vino and recognize once to prevent when the primary glass.

#3 Sports

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Never forget regarding sport activities. Physical activity is one in every of the most bets for health and longevity.It helps maintain a healthy body and spirit. It’s not therefore necessary that one you may opt for once you’re older – morning cardiopulmonary exercise, gymanstic exercise on the carpet or table game.Life is all regarding movement – do what feels right to you.

#4 Mental activity

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It is no reduced for our health than physical. Studies show that individuals, WHO have a better capability for mental activity, longer retain their clear thought, have very good memory and a lot of interest to the skin world.

#5 Sense of humor

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Without doubt individuals say that laughter prolongs life.

That opinion are often taken virtually, as recent survey results show that laughter helps fight blubber, cures heart condition and improves blood circulation.

#6 Regular sexual life

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According to scientists from Taiwan, it’s rejuvenating to the body and slows the aging method. It’s physical activity – it helps you thin and you unleash a high quantity of Dopastat once experiencing pleasure.

#7 Free expression of emotions

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trendy scientific discipline is firmly behind the read that someone should freely specific his emotions.

According to the curious results of a recent study, girls WHO specific their emotions loudly, quickly and simply overcome stress, whereas for men it’s contraindicated, since it will increase the danger of upset.

#8 Antioxidants

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Quite before long they entered the medical word, as specific substances that forestall oxidization of organic compounds and therefore strengthen human cells. Through this mechanism are often same that they’re essential for swiftness down the aging method of the full organism. Antioxidants ar found in massive quantities in several fruits and vegetables such as: carrots, cabbage, peaches, apricots, strawberries, and additionally in fish, pomegranate, green tea, etc.

#9 Walnuts

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A study conducted at the University of California, says that the utilization of walnuts extends life by a median of seven years. Walnuts contain substances that shield the center and blood vessels from the harmful effects of cholesterin. to realize this impact, consistent with researchers it’s enough to eat five walnuts per week.

#10 Crying

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This “secret” of longevity is maybe shocking for several, however not consistent with chemist William H. Frey.He same that individuals, WHO restrain their tears in their childhood, get a lot of typically sick and might die earlier.This, consistent with the somebody, is particularly true for boys.

#11 Scratching

This is in all probability the foremost uncommon approach for longevity. A team of scientists from the University of Cambridge found that the habit of scratching in monkeys light-emitting diode to redoubled unleash of endorphins – the internal secretion of happiness. consistent with British consultants scratching is soothing and harmonizing gesture.


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