11 Simple Tips to Get Yourself Motivated Everywhere

Taking charge of your day so you can motivate yourself ...

If you want to achieve success and make things happen, then you probably know that you need to have the ability to motivate yourself. Everyone seeks to motivate himself to achieve success and prosperity, but many do not know how. Basically, motivation is merely a state of mind. Utilized properly, it can take you to heights you may have never dreamed of.

However, our simple steps below will guide you on how to remain motivated at all times:

1. Proper goal setting

Setting a goal for yourself is a time-tested and proven method to remain motivated. Having a great goal is crucial because it is very difficult to motivate yourself if you don’t have a specific goal that you want to accomplish. However, it is important to set realistic and achievable goals. Set yourself a deadline by which you intend to achieve these goals.

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2. Think about your goal … to the point of obsession

Don’t allow yourself to forget what you’ve promised to yourself, not even for a split second. Take some time each and every day, to revise on what you have or haven’t done to reach your destination. Think about how good it will be when you achieve your goal; imagine it in your head – all the people you’ll have made happy. Imagine yourself, your own happiness and satisfaction. Once you do, you’ll feel that all the hard work you’re pouring into that task is meaningful, and that will help drive you further.

3. Start with small steps

To get to where you want to be requires serious effort. You need to start taking small steps, so you can get to where you want to be. All of the experts we spoke to recommended establishing a baseline of what your reality is so you can aim for progress you can actually make happen. Once started, it will become easy for you to continue moving forward.

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4. Use mistakes as experiences

This means learning from your past mistakes, because as humans we are all prone to mistakes due to inherent defects or flaws in our character. Remember, mistakes are not final. They hold vital lessons for us. Most people tend to lose motivation when things go awry and desired results are not forthcoming.

5. Reward yourself

This is a point to be considered carefully. Rewards can be powerful when used sparingly and efficiently. When you’ve completed something, be sure to do something you deserve! Even small goals, when met, should be rewarded. Did you work out every day this week? Great — take a day to just do some yoga at home and watch a movie.

6. Keep motivators around you

This one is pretty straightforward: we need reminders to keep ourselves going. These can be people or things — whatever might keep you in the right mindset. It’s natural to get off-balance and forget where we want to be — these external motivators offer focus and direction.

7. Money matters

Regardless whether we like it or not, money does matter in remaining motivated. Here, we are not speaking about millions of dollars. We are saying that having sufficient funds to lead a decent life is a great motivator by itself. You can start by saving a healthy portion of your income daily or monthly.

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8. Catch negative thinking and crush it on the spot

Negative thinking is a typical reaction of the mind. It is a deception that will drive you further away from your goal, making you think you’re unworthy and not talented enough. So try to catch such thoughts when they appear, and forget them as quickly as you can. Some people claim it helps by saying the exact opposite of negative thoughts in your mind.

9. Only compare yourself to you

The best way to get demotivated and fast is to compare yourself to others. You’ll never be them and they’ll never be you, so what’s the point? Though you’ve heard it a billion times before, it bears repeating: the only person you should compare yourself to is your previous self. It’s only if you’ve improved that matters; not how anyone else is doing.

10. Choose to be happy

Now this may sound like a tall order for anyone encountering adverse situations. However, it is worthwhile to note, every bad situation always passes. Be aware that every bad circumstance will eventually vanish. Losing motivation will not help solve any problem and neither will worrying about something. You can maintain your motivation with the sheer thought that every problem is temporary.

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11. Share with others

Once you are motivated yourself, start motivating others. If people catch your passion, you’ll find it will drive you to new heights of accomplishment. Support and encourage others, be the cheerleader; it’s about them. Share your experience, by being a mentor, not through arrogance.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you get more motivated. Good luck with the obstacles on the way, and remember – only you can make your dreams come true!

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