11 Things Only and Only Lazy People Can Relate To

Laziness is an art, not a choice...

Being lazy is genuinely a lifestyle, and if you still have to manage to get some adulting done, laziness is truly an art form. If you find yourself in the crew of people who are lazy, you know some things to be all too true. If you consider yourself lazy, we’ve got a list of things only someone who is super lazy will understand. If you’re wondering whether you’re lazy or not, here’s how you’d know.

1. Your TV remote is out of your reach, like always.

You are watching a TV show which you don’t like because remote is out of your reach. This means your TV remote always decide which TV show you are going to watch. You have to wait for someone to enter your room so you could tell them to fetch it for you.

2. Your favorite hang-out place is your bed.

Your ideal relationship would be one in which the two of you plan nights of laying on the couch and watching movies and ordering in. Unfortunately, not everybody considers this a “good time.”

3. Your are master in pretending.

You pretend to be sleeping so that you may not have to get up to switch off the light. You’re the kind of person who would rather keep the TV on all night than have to get out of bed to turn it off.

4. You are snoozemaster.

You make plans for morning walk each night but end up putting your alarm on endless snoozing sessions. Your alarm clock also gives up trying to wake you in the end. And you become the snoozemaster.

5. You always ditch the plans only to snuggle in bed.

So that you can stay in your PJs and take in every soft stitching of your blankets is something you’ve done many times before. Yeah, grabbing a drink at a bar with friends sounds fun and all, but your cozy bed is calling your name and you can’t ignore it.

6. Your favourite outfit is Pajama.

Pajamas are the most comfortable clothes in the world. You have drawers full of them, and you wish you could incorporate them into your main wardrobe.

7. You always need a break like in every 15 mins.

In the middle of a long day at work, you genuinely cherish and enjoy every minute of downtime. Coffee and lunch breaks are undoubtedly your favorites times of day.

8. You are a procrastinator.

You pride yourself in gracefully turning a deaf ear to people when they call you for any work. You always end up scrambling to do things last-minute, not because you’re a procrastinator, (well, maybe because of that) but mostly because you just didn’t feel like it.

9. You are too lazy to get up.

There are days when you eat food while lazing around in bed and end up leaving the plate in the room for the whole day because you’re too lazy to get up and keep it in the kitchen.

10. You are a perfect gymnast.

You can bend at such awkward angles to pick up fallen things that you can give gymnasts a run for their money.

11. You cannot read long articles.

You probably jumped to this last point because you were too lazy to read this whole post! Because reading 10 points is just too much of an effort.

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