11 Tips for That Special Bond of Love: Strengthening The Relationship

Fall in love with your significant other again and again with these expert tips

When two people live together and have a bond together, it is important to sustain the bond. Many times, we become busy with our many facets of roles and tend to neglect each other as married couple. However, relationships are like gardens and we need to tend them in order to get the fruits and flowers. The moment we take it for granted and fail to appreciate each other, we begin to lose the necessary ingredients that help relationships remain intact. When two people love each other and begin to live together, they become exposed to each other’s imperfections and shortcomings, form judgment about each other and create a belief system which could be mistaken or irrational.

Sometimes, we get too caught up in the world and can zone out that we forget who is right in front of us. So if you’re feeling a little too connected to your cell phone, television, etc., and less connected to your mate, how about you do some of these bonding activities.


1. Try something new

Do something amazingly thoughtful and out of the ordinary and try to incorporate an element of surprise to it: a loving note tucked into a pocket. A special dinner on an otherwise ordinary night. A playlist made up with his favorite songs. These thoughtful acts will embed you in his memory.

2. Call each other by pet names

Yes, we know pet names sound mushy, but you can’t deny that they do make you feel more close to your special one. It is a sign that the two of you have a very healthy and strong relationship. A study revealed that the more “insider language” couples use, the higher their relationship satisfaction tended to be. So, if you have those pet names, start using them more often to make them do their magic in your relationship!

3.Travel somewhere

travelling- life and lesson

There’s nothing like a trip to some exotic places to bond you to together. They say when you travel with someone, you really get to know them. Maybe it’s being confined to a small hotel room with the same person for a couple of days, or it’s experiencing new places together. Whatever it is, you will sure as hell get closer.

4. Plan a date night

If your date nights have turned into Lean Cuisines on the sofa, then it might be time to have a date night makeover. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TV dinner. But you need to incorporate some date nights where you two are actually talking to one another and engaging. Do date night right and take turns planning something special.

5. Do something great for someone your partner loves.

If you show kindness and love for someone he loves, you will earn major points. When you enter a relationship, you also enter a relationship with all his family and friends. Show him that the people who are important to him are important to you.

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6. Get intimate


Sometimes, married couples lose intimacy with each other and they create a distance between them. Make love and be physically affectionate with each other. Intimacy is a necessary ingredient of healthy relationships and sexual intimacy can keep your connection strong and alive. You will have more excitement when you are also intimate with each other.

7. Do not take each other for granted

Try to remember the passion that brought you together in the first place. It will be helpful to look at your partner through the eyes of first love. Try to recall why you fell in love with your partner in the first place, express your love often and praise each other. When you uplift the other person, it reinforces the positive and gives encouragement to each other.

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8. Play some games

Playing around is one way to reconnect, especially if you’re playing for the same team. For someone who’s competitive like me, I would suggest you and your mate play on a team against another couple. However, if you’re a little more chill, then playing opposite your partner can be a great way to connect, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

9. Relive memories

It’s not always good to live in the past. However, sometimes it can help connect you and your partner again. Talking about happy memories from the past can be a great way to bond. And, you can even take it one step further by reliving old memories. Take your lover on that date you planned for his birthday three years ago. Or surprise your girlfriend by reenacting your very first date. It’s not always good to leave the past in the past.

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10. Be your partner’s biggest fan and admirer.

When you are supportive of each other both inside and outside the relationship, it creates good feelings and generates good will. Let him or her know that you are on your partner’s side. Try to console him or her when he suffers losses and also rejoice his or her victory. Jealousy will breed ill feelings and create an aura of competitiveness which is not healthy for relationships.

11. Fill your heart with trust

Last but not least, trust is another important ingredient of a healthy relationship. Trust forms a solid foundation and if this breaks, the relationship also falters. It is not easy for the other partner to forgive when there is a betrayal of trust. Once the trust is broken, the other person begins to make over generalization error and feels insecure about the future. It is important to give each other a sense of security and reassurance so that the other person can live in peace without worrying about the chances of betrayal.

These are some of the tips that will help couples sustain and grow the bond that exists between them.

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