12 Signs your women is Just Not That Into You

Are you having a hard time figuring out if the girl you like likes you back? Read these 12 signs and you’ll know instantly if she’s just not into you!

Women are a puzzle. That’s some age-old wisdom there for you.

No two women are exactly alike, that’s why no two women would react in the exact same manner in a given situation.

With that said, there are simply no rules for women.7 life and lesson

But despite there being no rules for the behavior of the female species, it’s still possible to deduce what’s going on in their heads from time to time.

We’re guessing the reason you’re here is probably because you have a problem with a lady whom you’re not sure is into you.

Now as hard as it can be to understand a woman’s mind, there are several telltale signs to know whether a girl is into you, or just ignoring you.

12 telltale signs she’s just not into you

Some ladies like to give their signals loud and clear. And many others are subtle to the point that the average Joe won’t even figure out what she’s trying to say. What signals are you getting from the girl you fancy?

For those of you who are worried that she’s not interested and need some added clarification, here are a few surefire signs to find out whether or not she’s into you at all.

#1 There’s no eye contact. She simply doesn’t look at you. And we’re not talking about sheepishly looking away while she’s blushing. We mean she doesn’t look at you unless she really has to.

Try to test if she’s giving you the look of love by trying out this method. Find a random girl who’s obviously into the guy she’s with. Check out the way she looks at him, how her eyes twinkle and her mouth twitches to a little smile almost all the time.

Now, find a girl who’s out with a group of male and female friends and colleagues. Compare how she looks and smiles at her guy colleagues with how the previous girl looks at the guy she likes. If the girl you like looks at you the same way the girl with her colleagues looks at other guys, then you know she’s not interested in being anything more than just friends with you.

#2 She’s not responsive or she makes excuses. The thing with women is that sometimes, they find it difficult to say no for fear of hurting your feelings. This can work for you or against you.

So instead of saying no, she makes up an excuse or stalls to avoid having to answer. If this is the case, then she may not be comfortable with you asking her out or she’s not comfortable with rejecting the advances of someone she doesn’t want to hurt.

#3 She looks bored or distracted. So you finally got to ask her out on a date. She must be into you, right? Wrong. First dates are full of potential, but they can turn sour really quickly. If she looks bored, has her arms crossed or fiddles with her napkin, then there’s a slight possibility that this is a pity date.

A pity date is a date girls *and sometimes guys* go on because they sense that someone is really into them, even if they don’t feel the same way. They do it to make you stop pestering them, and perhaps passive-aggressively let you know how uninterested they are.

#4 It’s always a group date. Other than the pity date, another date accepted by girls who aren’t into you are the group dates. She lightens the atmosphere by bringing along some of her pals. Sometimes, this means she’s just uncomfortable doing a one-on-one date with you. But it’s more likely that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by accepting your offer, even she can tag along some of her friends.

Another surefire way to find out it’s the latter? She just happens to invite a single female friend to introduce to you!

#5 When you get introduced, it’s as a friend. There’s a difference with being introduced as a friend, and as a “friend.” A friend can be anyone she knows, possibly even an acquaintance. However, being introduced as a “friend” with a giggle or wink can signify that you’re just a friend for now, until things progress. If you don’t see the giggle or wink when you’re being introduced to someone, then she really means you’re just a friend!

#6 She talks about other guys. This can mean two things – she’s not into you at all and she’s hoping to deter you from competing with the said guys or she’s telling you that there are other guys that catch her fancy and you should up your game.

However, the prime difference here is that if she asks you for advice, she only sees you as a friend who is capable of giving her advice, and she is therefore not interested in you romantically.

#7 She doesn’t get dressed up for you. Now, not all women make an effort to look good just for a guy. But sometimes, girls who are into someone would try to put more care into their appearance *e.g. wearing lipstick, wearing attractive clothing, putting on some perfume*.

However, if you hang out with a girl and she’s wearing her gym clothes, there are two ways of looking at the situation. Good news: She’s comfortable being herself with you. Bad news: She’s so comfortable because you’re a good friend who’s clearly in the friend zone.

#8 “I love you… Friend!” Nothing secures your spot in the friend zone as much as these four words. Either man up and tell her your feelings or just accept being so near yet so far from her.

There are instances where admitting your feelings can make her see you in a more romantic light. But there’s also the possibility that she’ll say something along the lines of “I don’t want to ruin our friendship!” By then you’re practically super-glued to your spot in the friend zone.

#9 She’s uncomfortable when you send her gifts, however small. She can be either hesitant to accept it or she’s questioning why you’re giving her a gift when it’s not even her birthday. If she were into you, she’d accept it shyly and maybe even blush. But if she’s not into you, there’s a chance that she’d send it back or ask you not to give her gifts, ever.

#10 “I wish more guys were like you!” Translation: I wish more guys I’m attracted to are like you. Ouch. No matter how nice or how chivalrous or how clever you are, sometimes the girl you like will take all those traits and wish it were in another guy. Don’t worry, just take it as a compliment and move on to someone who will like you for the complete package that you are.

#11 She describes the man of her dreams… and it’s your polar opposite. Many women would be uncomfortable uttering the words “you’re not my type.” However, they do have a sly way of letting you know that you don’t fit the bill.

One way she can do this is by stating that the man of her dreams makes six figures a month, wears designer suits, and takes her out on fancy dates, whereas you’re standing in front of her in your casual getup, meager salary, and date ideas that include Olive Garden. Take the hint, and just let it go.

#12 She calls you only when she needs something. Whether it’s free tickets to a Taylor Swift concert or added assistance with moving her furniture, you’re the one she runs to. This can be so wrong and manipulative on so many levels.

She knows that men want to help out a damsel in distress, and even more so if it’s the damsel in distress he fancies. But when you try to have a conversation or you try to invite her for lunch, she gives you an excuse, and possibly the boot too!

Cheer up if these 12 signs she’s not into you was basically a list of things the girl you like does to you. At least for future reference, you won’t need to wreck your head and lose your mind on this. Just use this list and instantly know if she’s the least bit interested in you. Good luck!

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