Many Times Arvind Kejriwal Shows Hints That He Doesn’t Want To Be Delhi CM Anymore

Being a CM is tough business. You’re held accountable for everything, the centre is questioning you at every step and of course, there’s shitloads of work to do.

And that’s why, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has had enough. He just cannot take it anymore.

He doesn’t want to be the Delhi CM anymore.01

He’d been giving subtle hints for quite some time now.02


He even tried to sneak out quietly once.03


But was immediately caught and taken back to the office.



He then tried to hide his identity. By dressing up like singer Usha Uthup.


Too bad, this cover was blown as well. Try to understand, guys! He’s doing all this, because he’s tired of being the CM.

All he wants to do now, is enjoy the simple things in life.

Like enjoying some hot tikkis.


Or maybe eat some mangoes with his best friend. It is the mango season after all.07

Or maybe just enjoy some hot Maggi.



Or maybe, just maybe, he wants to become a professional food taster now. Because why not?


He wants to opt for a different career option.  09


Like becoming a yoga instructor. Look at him, the man is a pro10


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