Many Times Arvind Kejriwal Shows Hints That He Doesn’t Want To Be Delhi CM Anymore


Or maybe a film critic. Admit it, the man LOVES reviewing films!

Like, that’s something he can do 24×7.

Doesn’t matter whether the film sucks. Bad movie > politics.

Doesn’t matter whether the director is Shirish Kunder. If there’s a film, he’ll watch it.

That’s Kejriwal in office.


And that’s him in a cinema hall. ‘Nuff said.


Time to time, he’s also expressed his interest in singing. The man sings at the drop of a hat.


Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening.


He also has some great dance moves to go along with that awful awesome voice.


We understand sir. Aapki jagah hum hote, toh hum bhi pakk jaate. We get it that you’re tired of being the Delhi CM.

Suno sabki, karo apne dil ki. All the best, sirji.

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