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13 Proven Signs a Man is Sexually Attracted to You For Sure

Like women, men don’t always say exactly what they’re feeling precisely when they feel it. So if you just don’t know whether a man wants to get out of the friend zone or not, you are best to try and decode what his body language is telling you. When you learn how to read a man’s signs, you will also figure out if he is sexually attracted to you.

1. If he’s looking for any excuse to be around you.

Is he asking if you need his help with everything from home repairs to shoveling the snow of your driveway? Is he cooking for you because you’ve had a long day? If he’s always around and finding ways to get close to you and to be in your presence, then it’s likely that he’s attracted to you.

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2. If his eyes are all over you.

Nothing says “I’m into you” like eye contact. Although good eye contact is the mark of a solid business relationship, friendship and family tie, prolonged eye contact is usually reserved for the people we’re romantically interested in. Therefore, if he’s always looking you in the eyes for long periods of time, you can feel safe reading it as a sign he wants you.

3. If he flirts with you.

A guy would not flirt with a girl he wasn’t attracted to. If a guy flirts with you, then he probably is testing you to see if the feelings are mutual. Seemingly harmless flirting may mask his fear of getting rejected if he were to ask you out outright. See if he’s playful around you, if he teases you, and if he likes to make you laugh.

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4. If he leans in towards you.

One of the most obvious signs he wants you is moving into your personal space. People naturally and intentionally keep a bubble around themselves with most people they’re not that close to. So if he’s moving in close, just know that he already sees how hot you are.

5. If he does things out of his way to impress you.

If a guy is interested in a girl, he will try to impress her. Even risk serious injury like jumping off cliffs into water or ride on trunks of moving cars or anything else to gain your attention and care if he does get hurt. If he’s not generally a risk taker or if he takes his risk-taking to a new level when you’re around, then chances are that he’s doing it just to impress you. See if he tries to catch your eye or look at you after he’s done the risky thing — if so, then he’s really just doing it to get a reaction from you.

6. If he smiles a lot when he’s with you.

A guy can’t help but smile at a woman he thinks is attractive. When you catch a guy looking right at you, it’s really good sign that he’s into you. It’s quite ordinary to smile at somebody you’re interested in. But the question is how do you know for sure if he means something a lot more than that? Start noticing how frequently he looks as well as smiles at you. When he seems to smile at you more than anyone usually does, he is, in all probability, interested in you. He definitely likes you and sexually attracted to you if he seems to smile at you every time you lock eyes without any reason.

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7. If he gets jealous when you’re with other guys.

his here is a huge sign a guy is interested in you. Whenever a certain guy is keeping an eye for you as well as seems annoyed or jealous the minute you’re speaking to some other guy, it’s guaranteed that he’s into you. And he may try looking like he doesn’t care at all, but he’ll keep checking on you to see if you’re into that guy. Then he may walk away or sigh. This is also a big sign a guy is attracted to you.

8. If he stands facing you the whole time.

Something we do when we’re attracted to someone is turn our entire body to face them. This not only shows you he’s interested, it also gives him a better view of you as a whole.

9. If he touches you more frequently.

If he’s really attracted to you, then he’ll do everything in his power to get closer to you. This might mean he’ll put his hand on the small of your back when you’re walking into a room, he might give you a light pat on the shoulder or the arm, or he might even stand so close to you that your feet or legs touch and he doesn’t move away from you right away. He might even move a strand of hair away from your face if he really wants to get close to you and sexually attracted to you.

10. If he copies your body language.

A very good subconscious sign to look for is if he’s mirroring your actions back at you. This is often an unconscious tell that people have that they’re interested in someone – he won’t even know he’s doing it. If you make a gesture, and then notice he makes the same gesture soon after, it means he’s probably interested in you. A great way to let him know you’re interested too (subtly) is to copy his actions as well! Touch your face after he touches his, smooth your hair when he smooths his, and so on.

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11. If he wanted to talk you continuously.

If he seems like he wants to talk with you constantly, then that is probably signs of a sexually attracted man. Good signs of sexually attracted people are their desire to keep in contact with the person they are attracted to. They will draw conversations out in person and also online. Texting back and forth is definitely part of good signs.

12. If he started taking care of his looks.

If he’s fussing with his hair, picking lint off his clothes, messing with his shirt cuffs, adjusting his belt, removing a stain from his shoes, or just generally tending to his appearance around you, then it’s a great sign that he’s attracted to you. If you catch him acting extra self-conscious about his appearance, looking at himself in the mirror, or just generally caring more about his looks whenever you come by, then it’s a big sign that he is sexually attracted to you.

13. If you are feeling it.

Sexual attraction is a spark. It’ll ignite between the two of you and you’ll just be able to feel how much he’s into you. This doesn’t always go both ways. But even if you’re not into him, you’ll still be able to feel a sort of tension build between you two when a man is attracted to you sexually.

Learning to tell when a man is attracted to you is no rocket science. There are many easy ways to tell whether or not he’s attracted to you, from studying his body language to seeing how much eye contact he makes. Now that you know the signs, next time you see the guy, look for these signs to answer the question on your mind, is he interested in me? 

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