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These 14 Pictures Capture The Adorable And Special Moments Between A Father And Daughter

A daughter-father bond is a very special and cherished bond because he is the first man she looks up to. Like every woman, my father is still my superhero. Be it career advice, financial advice, some enlightening life advice, or just the trivial inside jokes that only I understand; he has taught me the importance of self-esteem, independence, and unconditional love.

Snezhana Soosh is a young painter and she has come up with a series of watercolor paintings that show why a father will eternally be a daughter’s favorite person in the world.

Check out the photos:

1. He was there when you were afraid of the monsters underneath your bed.


2. Even though he didn’t know how to braid your hair, he gave his best shot.


3. By carrying you on his shoulders, he made you feel that you are on top of the world.


4. Or just loved immensely.


5. He left the major portion of bed so that you could sleep peacefully.


6. Even though he was loaded with work, your cute face always made him pay attention to your little problems.


7. He was your perfect company and companion when you played.


8. And it was always hard for you when he went out of town.


9. He taught you to play different games and now you’re a champ in that.


10. Oh, making hand shadows on the wall was your favorite pastime.


11. He was your perfect companion when you were up for some fun.


12. …or just anything


13. Even when you played with hoopla rings.


14. And he never let you go.


Aren’t these pictures just beautiful?

I love you, dad <3

Cheers to all father-daughter duos!

Source : Bored Panda

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