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15 Most Annoying Things People Say To Vegetarians

Ever tried explaining your vegetarianism to your friends? No, never works. Here are 15 most annoying things you get to hear in return almost always.

1. “Kya? Keh do ki yeh jhooth hai!”


The first time you tell them, they go so deep in shock that they take forever to come out of it. It’s almost like they had believed vegetarians are as real as unicorns till now.



2. “Abbey aaj Tuesday nahi hai, khaale!”


We’ve all heard this one, haven’t we?



3. “Chicken bhi nahi khaata?”


You’d think it’s obvious. But no, not to them! Not until you say it out loud.



4. “Taste toh karke dekh! Bahut tasty hai…bilkul pata nahi chalega”


They assume you’ve never really had any opportunity to ‘try’ non-vegetarian food and would try all they can to pursue you to taste it.



5. “Achha…chicken mat kha…gravy toh kha sakta hai?”


It suddenly becomes the motive of their life to get the food inside you some way or the other.



6. “Anda bhi nahi khate? Anda toh veg hota hai!”


Some arguments are so stupid; you don’t even dare contest them. You just feel like doing this.



7. “Achha…pyaaz bhi nahi khate?”


Yeah, that’s an assumption.



8. “Religious reasons ki wajah se nahi khate?”


And another one.



9. “Non Veg khana shuru kar de ab…kabhi toh khaega na?”


Because you know, eating non-vegetarian food is like growing up – inevitable.



10. “Sach sach bata…kabhi mann bhi nahi karta?”


Life without meat is just so unimaginable to some people; they can never understand how you can refrain from it. You know answering it is futile.



11. “It’s food chain, dude! You’re going against nature.”


Yes, that’s what they say when you tell them you’re against killing animals.



12. “But you’re killing plants too…”


Another statement, because they have to one-up every argument!



13. “Toh jab tumhe chicken khane ka mann karta hai toh tum kya khate ho?”


Yes, some people really are that stupid.



14. “Agar galti se kha liya toh?”


You know what they’re hinting at.



15. “Maine tere khane mein chicken mila diya”


There’s always that one friend who tries to pull that prank on you. You’ve had so much of this stupid trick that all you do is this.


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