17 Normal Looking People Who Scared The Shit Out Of Us In Horror Movies

People in general, look normal. Unless they are in horror movies.

They are the creepiest SOBs when put in horror movies. Their sweet voice laced with malice, their innocent stares with the look of evil and their cute smiles with the intent of murder makes them scarier than grown up horror villains.

A simple example –

A person randomly comes to you in a crowd and tells you quietly – “I am going to come and kill you tonight.” and then simply walks away and disappears into the crowd.

People are creepy when they are put in negative characters, because we are simply thrown off balance – because of our preconception that they are naturally good and innocent.

Here are some characters that made us believe in the otherwise.

1. Isabelle Furhman in The Orphan gave people trust issues with adopting children

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The way she behaves – innocent and coy, you would fall in love with such a child too. Then starts the creepy side where she starts showing her psycho angle – to the part where she wears full makeup and wants to make out.


Fun Fact – Isabelle Fuhrman won the Fright Meter Award for Best Actress. The award is given to exceptional performances in horror movies.


2. The old Gypsy woman in Drag Me To Hell made all bankers approve loans ASAP

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She looks pretty sane and looks like the regular old woman who greets you every time you pass by her. They rotted her teeth, gave her cataracts in one eye and made her spit everywhere.

Sam Raimi is disgusting.

Fun Fact – She plays a Hungarian gypsy in the movie.


3. The goth woman in Insidious made us stay away from dreams, and was played by a guy


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That is why the woman looked so sinister.

Fun Fact – Insidious won the Best Movie in The Fright Awards of 2011.


4. Kayako in The Grudge made us go to the bathroom in pairs


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The characteristic gurgle from her broken neck and the ghostly pale face.

She looks lovely in real life.

Fun Fact – Before filming, the whole cast and crew went through a blessing, so that nothing bad would happen during filming.


5. Tomas in the Orphanage made us scared of kindergarten students

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The Orphanage was creepy. But Tomas took the cake in creepiness. There is something about kids with jute bags on their heads that makes them too scary to be sane.

Fun Fact – The movie received a 10-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival – something that doesn’t really happen with horror films.


6. The old woman in The Others made us afraid of big houses without electricity


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And to think that she was there the whole time with the tenants. OMG.

Fun Fact – The script for this movie was completely written in Spanish and then translated into English.


7. The Lipstick man in Insidious made us shit scared of looking behind us

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The real guy who played the role looks as creepy as the character.

Fun Fact – The man who played the horrible character, Joseph Bishara is also the composer for the same movie.


8. Daveigh Chase in The Ring gave us nightmares

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How can a pretty girl like that pull off the scary scary looking thing we saw in The Ring?

Fun Fact – Some kids in Canada thought that the story in the movie actually happened.


9. Kelly Stables in The Ring 2 gave us ugly nightmares

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If the innocent beauty was not enough, the monster that climbs out of the well and from TV sets is the person that gives you an affinity towards running.

How they made this transformation is a matter of skill.

Fun Fact – The makeup of Samara took over five hours to complete.


10. Quinn Lord in Trick ‘r Treat made us glad we Indians do not celebrate Halloween

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That pumpkin boy was everywhere in the movie. And although he doesn’t do a lot, he is the scariest of them all.

If you have not seen this movie, it is highly recommended.

Fun Fact – The movie won the Fright Meter Award for Best Horror Movie.


11. The character of Mama in Mama was actually played by a man.

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If you remember how Mama looked in the movie, you will be scared of abandoned cabins in the forests forever. Also, another guy who played a creepy woman. Bravo!

Fun Fact – The actor who plays Mama in the movie, Javier Botet, suffers from Marfan syndrome, that makes his frame slender and his fingers long.


12. Freddie Krueger in A Nightmare On The Elm Street made us insomniacs

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Freddy Krueger is the first ghost to make your dreams come true – quite literally. And it is played by the talented Jackie Earle Haley.

Fun Fact – The female lead, Rooney Mara hated acting in this movie so much, that she almost quit acting. She went on to act in the critically acclaimed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo later.


13. Yuya Ozeki in The Grudge freaked us out with his sudden cameos

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Ghostly white, and screams like a cat and turns up when you are at your most vulnerable. That kid made us poop and pee faster in bathrooms, just so we could run out of them.

Fun Fact – In real life, the actor is terrified of cats. In the movie, the boy is always accompanied by cats.


14. Madeline O’Malley in The Innkeepers kept us out of old hotels

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She has the same piercing blue eyes in real life! She is really pretty. Wish she was a real innkeeper.

Fun Fact – The movie is actually filmed in the inn it portrays.


15. Linda Blair in The Exorcist showed us what a truly possessed child might look like for real


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She is the cream of the whole crop. No wonder she was nominated for an Academy Award. Excellent hair-raising acting.

Fun Fact – Linda Blair got death threats because of her convincing role for the film.


16. The Librarian in The Ghostbusters was funny. Period.


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If you have seen the original Ghost Busters, the loveliest lady in that classic was the librarian. It wads played by another lovely lady called Ms. Drummond, who looks like your average grandma in real life.

Fun Fact – The librarian ghost was supposed to be even more fearsome in the script. Although, looking at the one they made, I do not know how that is possible.


17. The Tenome/Pale man in Pan’s Labyrinth was the creepiest character in horror cinema in years

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The Pale Man looks at you through eyeballs on his hands. That’s enough, folks.

Fun Fact – Acclaimed horror writer Stephen King squirmed in his cinema seat when The Pale Man appeared on the screen.

These movies show us how a horror film can be made scarier by making sane-looking humans look scary with prosthetics and makeup.


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