The 17 Types Of Single Girl You Could Possibly Be

How your love life is going depends a lot on how you approach it. Here are 17 types of single girls to help shine a light on what your style is. They each have upsides and downsides but there’s one that we think is ideal – you have to read on to see which one it is:

1. The one who’s too in love with herself to be with any man.

You’re too busy looking out for number one (yourself) to be keeping your eyes out for anyone else.

2. The one who’s a bigger player than any guy you know.

It’s not that you don’t have a heart; it’s just that you have TOO much love to give.

3. The one who has the worst fucking taste in guys.

From the married guy to that guy in college who only agreed to hook up with you on Wednesdays, your friends are baffled by how and where you even manage to find these losers.

4. The one who’s been chasing the same unattainable guy for years.

Deep down inside, you know the painful truth: HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

5. The one who’s basically in a relationship but won’t admit it.

You see each other every night and don’t hook up with anyone else, but you refuse to call him your boyfriend.

6. The one who’s always up to something shady.

Whether you’re leaving the bar early or frantically texting some un-stored number on your phone, you’re always doing sketchy stuff.

7. The one who’s constantly making self deprecating jokes about dying alone.


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8. The one who would just truly rather black out and dance on a table than snuggle with some guy.

You have one boyfriend.

9. The one who’s picky AF.

You’ve got standards. And they’re HIGH. You might be single for now, but when you find someone, he’s going to rock.

10. The one who cries about being single every time she gets drunk.

People can’t go out with you without banking on at least 25 minutes of time spent in the bathroom wiping your snot and tears.

11. The one who just got out of a breakup and is ready to tear up the town.

You are single and almost a little too ready to mingle.

12. The one who’s fresh out of a breakup and won’t shut up about her ex.

Simply put, you’re not over it.

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13. The one whose breakup is nowhere near fresh but who also refuses to shut up about her ex.

Your friends have been listening to you complain about this same guy for what feels like the past 45 years.

14. The one who just got out of a breakup and is already on her way to a new relationship.

You’re a serial dater.

15. The one who chews boys up and spits them out for fun.

To you, boys are just a fun game. You make guys fall in love with you, and the minute you win, you’re over it and on to the next.

16. The one who constantly gets friend zoned.

Before a relationship even gets the potential of forming, you friend zone the guy in question.

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17. The one who has literally no game.

Your flirting consists mostly of fart jokes and oversharing completely unnecessary personal info. You are me.

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