18 Things All Coffee Lovers Can Relate To

Every caffeine addict lover knows that home is wherever the coffee’s at. You’ll stop at nothing for that first cup of Joe in the morning because you know that without it you can’t be responsible for your actions. If you could wear it to work, you would. Here’s 18 things all the (original) coffee lovers will understand.

1. It’s the first thing on your mind when you get of bed in the morning

Well, second to thinking naaa not this BS, not today.

2. Your transformation from newborn naked mole rat to half-functioning homo sapien is quite something

3. You probably own a piece of wall art

It says ‘But first coffee’, doesn’t it.

4. You judge others

You guys that buy your filter coffee in a Starbucks cup purely for Instagram gains – yeah you, with your tripod out, you’re not even on first name terms with the barista. Get a real hobby.

  images (6)

5. Coffee jokes genuinely tickle you

Colleague: Sorry I’m late I…

Me: Better latte than never!! *chuckles into paper cup*

B​ut the jokes on you my friend, because now everyone thinks you’re a d*ck with steamed milk for a nose.

6. You spend your life looking for coffee quotes on Instagram

Scroll, scroll, scroll, screenshot, scroll.

7. And memes like this oneimages (7)

8. At some point you have justified spending real money on some sort of coffee related clothing

Because there’s nothing that says I love coffee quite like a solid slogan sweater.

9. You have to explain that you drank coffee before it was basic

You know, before it was cool to post flat whites on marble.

10. Sometimes you drink that much it can count as one of your meals for the day

Even MyFitnessPal app recognises it as a frequent food.images (5)

11. When someone suggests that you should give up caffeine you get up and go and make a coffee just to spite their stupidity

12. When your friends try and tell you that you have a problem, you’re there like “hey remember that time I didn’t have a coffee…”

13. “What’s the difference between a latte and a cappuccino again?”


14. Decaf is like a profanity to your ears

They are offensive people who are just out to be offensive.

15. Nothing compares to the buzz

16. You’ve lost friends to coffee

Tried to give it up? Yeah, didn’t end so well.

17. You used to judge your teachers for having coffee breath

But you’re grown now. You understand that actually you don’t give a tiny rat’s ass because it tastes soooo good.

18. It’s been there through all the bad times

Exams, lock-ins at the office, the kind of hangovers that leave you physically shaking – nobody loves you back to life the way coffee can.

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