Here Is the List of 20 Most Powerful Peoples Around the World 2016 According To Forbes

Finally Forbes Releases the List Of Most powerful persons of 2016. These are the peoples who are most influential and has the power in all terms. And the good news is Our Respected PM Narendra Modi is also on this list.

Check Out the list Below: 

Benjamin Netanyahu

Full Name: Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

Famous For: Current Prime Minister of Israel

Born On:  21 October 1949 (age 67)

Nationality: Israeli

Net Worth:  around $11 million


Jamie Dimon

Full Name:  James Dimon

Famous For: Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase

Born On:  March 13, 1956 (age 60)

Nationality: American

Net Worth:  US$1.1 billion

Ali Hosseini-Khamenei

Full Name: Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei

Famous For: Supreme Leader of Iran

Born On:  18 April 1939 (age 77)

Nationality: Iranian

Carlos Slim Helu

Full Name: Carlos Slim Helú

Famous For: Business magnate

Born On:  January 28, 1940 (age 76)

Nationality: Mexican

Net Worth:   50.1 billion

Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud

Full Name: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Famous For:  King of Saudi Arabia

Born On:   December 31, 1935 (age 80)

Nationality: Saudi

Net Worth: about $21 billion

Warren Buffett

Full Name: Warren Edward Buffett

Famous For: CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Born On: August 30, 1930 (age 86)

Nationality: American

Net Worth:  74.7 billion USD

Jeff Bezos

Full Name: Jeff Bezos

Famous For: Chief Executive Officer of Amazon

Born On:  Born: January 12, 1964 (age 52)

Nationality: American

Net Worth:  66.9 billion USD

Theresa May

Full Name: Theresa Mary May

Famous For: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Born On:  October 1, 1956 (age 60)

Nationality: British

Net Worth:  3.8 million USD

Li Keqiang

Full Name: Li Keqiang

Famous For: Premier of the People’s Republic of China

Born On:  July 1, 1955 (age 61)

Nationality: Chinese

Net Worth:  about 3 million USD

Mario Draghi

Full Name: Mario Draghi OMRI

Famous For: President of the European Central Bank

Born On:  September 3, 1947

Nationality: Italian

Net Worth:  about 4 million USD

Mark Zuckerberg

Full Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Famous For: Chief Executive Officer of Facebook

Born On : May 14, 1984 (age 32)

Nationality:  American

Net Worth:  51.2 billion USD

Narendra Modi

Full Name: Narendra Damodardas Modi

Famous For: Prime Minister of India

Born On:  September 17, 1950 (age 66)

Nationality: Indian

Net Worth:  Not known

Larry Page

Full Name: Lawrence “Larry” Page

Famous For: Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet (Parent company of Google)

Born On:  March 26, 1973 (age 43)

Nationality: American

Net Worth:  39.4 billion USD

Bill gates

Full Name: William Henry “Bill” Gates III

Famous For: 83.9 billion USD

Born On:  October 28, 1955 (age 61)

Lives in: American

Net Worth:  83.9 billion USD

Janet Yellen

Full Name: Janet Louise Yellen

Famous For: Economist

Born On: August 13, 1946 (age 70)

Nationality: American

Net Worth:  around 5 million USD

Pope Francis

Full Name: Pope Francis

Famous For: Current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

Born On:  December 17, 1936 (age 79)

Nationality:  Argentine

Net Worth:  around 36 million USD

Xi Jinping

Full Name: Xi Jinping

Famous For: General Secretary of the Communist Party of China

Born On:  June 15, 1953 (age 63)

Lives in: Chinese

Angela Merkel

Full Name: Angela Dorothea Merkel

Famous For: Chancellor of Germany

Born On:  July 17, 1954 (age 62)

Nationality: German

Net Worth:  $11.5 million

Donald Trump

Full Name: Donald John Trump

Famous For: President-elect of the United States of America

Born On:  June 14, 1946 (age 70)

Nationality: American

Net Worth:  3.7 billion USD

Vladimir Putin

Full Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Famous For: Russian President

Born On:  October 7, 1952 (age 64)

Nationality: Russian

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